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Some general dentists receive special training in cosmetic procedures positioning, areasfor example, or treatments. When Can I See Your Dentist The short answer is: each six weeks for preventative servicesand whenever you have a concern about your health.

Either way, do not be afraid to call the office. Concerning dental appointments, there is not one schedule that fits all patients. Based upon your circumstances, your dentist might want to visit a different interval, Los Alamos Dentist every 3 weeks, or Los Alamos Dentist you twice a year. Whatever it is, do not let those appointments go! Keeping up with the program of treatment and practicing effective oral hygiene at home would be the two best ways to prevent dental diseaseand keep your smile looking healthy and glowing for the rest of your life.

Meet Our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Billy Metcalf! At Children's Dentistry of Amarillo, we make it our objective to offer the widest range of pediatric dentistry treatments in Amarillo we're capable of taking care of the dental needs of every child. We're pleased to offer dental hygiene that includes much more, and dental care, preventative treatment, dental cleanings.

Billy Metcalf. Meet Our Amarillo Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Billy Metcalf! It was there he also completed his specialization certification in pediatrics. Children's Medical Center in Dallas, and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Dr. after he finished his residencies at Baylor College of Dentistry

Since June of 1994, Dr. Metcalf was providing only the finest of dental hygiene in regards to Amarillo Cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Metcalf puts a priority on staying up-to-date with all the latest advancements in the specialty of pediatric dentistry so as to provide his patients with the most suitable and efficient dental treatment potential.

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Metcalf has free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, such as scuba diving, and skiing, boating, kayaking. He also volunteers his time and money to the March of Dimes and Hotels. Get in Touch with Your Amarillo Pediatric Los Alamos Dentist ( Now! If you're looking for dentistry that is Amarillo, you've come to the right location! We encourage you to complete our online form or give us a call in -LRB-806-RRB- 351-0008 if you want to schedule an appointment with us.

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At AOMS Pediatric Dentistry, our duty is to give children of all ages care in a fun environment. We aim to provide your child the tools they need to keep their teeth healthy and clean for a lifetime. Our dentist specializes in fixing the needs of children and emphasizes schooling preventative care, and most importantly fun to keep kids interested in their health.

We are specialists in children's dentistry, and we can provide you with information concerning when to bring your child. Whether you are searching for tips to assist your child care for their teeth, details to getting in touch with our office, or funds, you'll find them all on our website.