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What is a slogan and a logo

"Shellie Zook" (2019-11-27)

A slogan is a saying of advertisement and a logo is a sign of advertisement.

What is Reebok logo and slogan?
there is no slogan for reebok

What is Nike's logo and slogan?
Nike's slogan is: Just Do It. The logo for the major shoe company is the Nike 'swoosh' which looks like a check mark.

What is Boston market slogan?
Home Style Meals The slogan is right there in the logo.

What is the Starburst slogan?
Thats the logo.

A slogan and a logo on save trees?
save paper save tress logo

Does Willen Hospice have a slogan?
Willen Hospice does have a slogan. Willen Hospice's slogan is: Always there to Care. and there logo is a picture of a swan.

What business has the logo Just do it?
No business has the logo "just do it". However, Nike has the slogan, "Just do it".

How do you insert a logo on a Youtube account?
You go into your account and near your pic. click edit and than click edit slogan and you will go to a place where you can edit a slogan/logo

What is the logo and slogan of wipro?
"Applying thoughts".

What is the slogan for hollister?
There really isn't a slogan, but their logo is a little red bird. hope that helps.

What is Adidas logo and slogan?
i think the slogan is impossible is nothing but the logo is three diagonal lines forming a mountain shape and the other one is lines forming a 3 leaf plant

What was Wendy's ad slogan from 1970-1978?
Wendy's slogan From 1970 - 1978: Quality Is Our Recipe (This Slogan is still shown on the Wendy's logo today.)

What is the symbolism of a nike logo?
It's a tick. The slogan is 'Just Do It'

What is maaco logo or slogan?
uh-oh better get Maaco!

What is the logo and 카지노사이트추천 slogan of infosys?
Driven by values , Powered by intellect

What is the difference between slogans and logos?
logo is a symbol and slogan is a advertising

What is the slogan of
'The world's leading Q&A site' The slogan of is "The world's leading Q&A site." This slogan is visible under the logo on the top left-hand side of the page.

What is Hershey's chocolate logo or slogan?
"There's a smile in every Hershey Bar."

Can you trademark a service?
You can trademark the name, logo, and slogan (the "marks") associated with the service.

What is the peoples choice awards logo or slogan?
Google it and it should come up...

Whats the Philips slogan or logo?
Earlier it was 'Lets Make Things better' and they did have a logo, but now they have removed the logo as well as the tag line. These days they are working with a concept 'Sense and Simplicity'

What is slogan for Hermes?
Hermes the leather goods company has a logo of a Duc Carriage with a horse since the 1950's. No particular slogan exists for this brand.

Can education use copyright logo or slogan as a theme?
Yes you can use a protected logo or slogan as a theme (with permission) but it has nothing to do with copyright. Names, titles, logos, slogans, and common words/phrases are not eligible for copyright protection. They are usually registered and protected as trademarks.

What is Baby Phat's slogan?
well the logo is a cat website

Whose slogan is feel the change?
The tagline 'Feel the Change' is of Logo Design Firm, Mashinmedia.

What do trademarks protect?
A trademark is a mark used in trade, such as a business or product name, logo, or slogan.

Why is Disney channel's slogan it's on?
Because Disney Channel had a new logo in 2010. So Disney decided that they would make a new Disney Channel slogan as well.

How do you officially license logos?
To license a logo, you go through the same process as registering a trademark or a slogan.

What is the children in need slogan and logo?
I think that the slogan for children in need 2010 is 'show your spots, raise lots' and the loo is obviusly pudsy bear. The fat yellow bear with a spotty bandanna.

Top 25 mnc companies plus logo plus slogan?
1. Interglobe Technologies pvt ltd.

What does the LG logo stand for?
The LG logo supposedly stands for "Life is Good" but this is an urban myth. The LG has never actually said what LG stands for and the "Life is Good" slogan is just advertising.

What is the name of the catchy phrase that is used alongside a logo and whey is it important?
A slogan it's catchy, so people think about it more and thus are more likely to buy the product the slogand and logo is promoting.

What is trademark?
A trademark is a type of intellectual property, specifically a mark used in trade: a business or product name, logo, or slogan.

Can you trademark a slogan?
Yes, "A trademark is typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements."

Can you place a small c encircled to protect your slogan?
No. Placing the copyright logo is worthless unless the work is actually under copyright.

What business can you trademark?
Rather than trademark a business, you would trademark its marks used in trade: name, logo, slogan, etc.

Who registers a trademark?
An organization or individual wishing to use a slogan, logo, or business name (a "mark") in commerce may wish to register it.

How do you do IMC?
You make sure that your company letterhead has the company logo for all written communication, your company name is mentioned during phone answering, all aspects of the website have company name and logo, employee clothing, etc. Basically anything that has to do with your company in forms of communication and employees communicates your company logo and/or slogan.

What is the Mercedes Benz slogan or logo?
For Mercedes are a few: Unlike any other Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile Engineered to move the human spirit

Is the Manchester museums logo symbol or slogan on any products on sale in the shops if so which products?
yes it is somwhere it is unknown for now?? by bethany adsead

What is the laughing cow laughing at?
It's not laughing at anything in particular; it's just the logo that suits the slogan of 'la-la-la the laughing cow'.

Is there a meaning to a cloud and lightning bolt tattoo?
If it says TCB it means 'taking care of business' and Elvis adopted it as his logo and slogan. It's everywhere at Graceland

What is the tagline for Puma?
Puma is one of the very few sports clothing companies that does not have a tagline or slogan. The Puma brand logo features a silhouette of a puma in mid-jump.

What is the Howard Johnson hotel slogan?
The Howard Johnson logo is blue with Howard Johnson written on it. It is stylish and sophisticated and grabs the eye of anyone looking to book a room.

When can you use the trademark symbols and R?
The ™ indication can be used on anything you are using as a mark in trade, such as a logo or slogan; the ® indication is used to note a formally registered trademark.

Creative ideas for Class Election I need a poster logo and badge designs I'm running for president My slogan is this Don't be an airhead be a smartie. Vote for me as your class president?
Well that is a good slogan but it isnt that eye catching. Im running for my class president and my slogan is Vote for (your name here) Just Do It with a nike swoosh. You can use this idea i just hope you dont go to my school!

What is the difference between a slogan and a tagline?
The major difference between Tagline and Slogan is that a tagline is created for the product brand or corporate brand and it lasts forever and becomes the integral part of our daily life e.g Lexus : The relentless pursuit of Perfection. Apple: Think Different. Coke: Its a real Thing. Nike : Just do It. whereas slogan is more towards a prduct campaign and it can vary according to its target market and audiance. In simple...

Can someone come up with a slogan to put on a bag. On the bag there is a peacock feather if this helps?
u can put chubby boi is a lifestyle my friends cousin came up with the logo

Does LG mean life's good?
The LG companies marketing logo is LG: Life's good. The slogan is actually a backronym. The LG of the compnany refers to the former name, Lucky Goldstar.

What does the r circled mean?
The registered trademark symbol, an R in a circle, indicates the preceding logo, slogan, etc. has been formally registered; the trademark symbol, a superscript TM, indicates the mark has not been formally registered.

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