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Write differences between life in the town and the life in the country

"Omer Le Souef" (2020-03-06)

country life pres full life running life

What are some differences between country and city life?
in contry life people have farms and barn where in the city we have big buildings and mcdonalds

share: What were three major difference between town life and country life in Feudal Europe?
I don't know I need similarities not differences.

share: The differences between life in the Old Stone Age and life today?
the differences between life in the Old Stone Age and life today

share: What is the difference between Australia and china country life?
There would be enormous differences Most of the people in the country side of China are extremely poor. which is not the case in Australia.

share: What is the Differences between modern life and old life?
There are many difference between modern life and old life. Some differences are the technology, automobiles, airplanes, television, cable television, and modern medicine.

share: What are som differences between country life and city life in 18th century England?
i think that in the country it has more space and acres. The country also has more deer and wildlife, and there are more trees most of the time. In the city there are more malls and restaurants and buildings and stuff like that.

share: What are the differences between poem and life?
Poetry can be fiction or nonfiction. Life is nonfiction.

share: What is the differences and similarities between country life and town life?
well one difference is one is the country and one is city. but in the city you may find jim who will throw up all over your room and then sleep on the floor in a pile of vomit and hopefully die but he wont /3

share: Write the five differences between life in the city and the life in the country?
City life is much more tense, noisy and lonely than a country life; In city life one becomes more self-centred and somewhat selfish due to hectic and competitive existence; City life gives one faster chance to grow in terms of 'job' and 'salary' while the country life the growth in these areas are slower; City life is living life mechanically and with more dependance on gadgets while country life is nearer to 'nature' and is... Read More

share: What are the similarities and differences between Sports and Life?
Sports & life both have winning & losing

share: The difference between city life and country life?
City life is materialistic , country life is with more connectivity.

share: Are there any differences for the animals between life at the end of the book and life under Jones in Animal Farm?
At the end, life is worse!

share: What are the differences between nomadic life and settled life?
Nomads move around . People who are settled don't move.

share: What are the social differences between the north and south of Italy?
The social differences between the North and the South of Italy are their greetings, family life, way of scheduling the day, superstitions and regional traditions.

share: Differences between rural life and urban life in India?
Rural means no pollution, city means full of pollution.

share: What were the differences between life in the southern states and life in the northern states in the 1800's?
there are more things now

share: What is the similarity and differences between the life cycle of a chicken and a mosquito?
The similarity is they lay eggs and the differences is mosquito have four stages and a chicken have three stages

share: What is the factual historical differences between the untouchables movie and Al capone's real life?
Real life is much more painstakingly.

share: What are the differences between the two passages the story of my life by Helen Keller and narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass an American slave?
Helen Keller's The Story Of My Life has many differences one is that Helen Keller talks about being blind and learning what things or called. this was difficult to do because Helen Keller is dump, deaf, and blind .In Frederick Douglass's story it talked about being a slave and trying tolearn how to read and write while master Hugh's wife strongly disagrees.

share: What are the major differences between the US and England-culture and daily life?
The differences are mostly language variation and television. The US has a wider range of what is on television.

share: Which European country has the highest life expectancy?
The country with the highest life expectancy in the world is Andorra - which is a little country between France and Spain.

share: What is the differences between the English and Italian governments?
suk a dick.......that usually the answer to all of life questions.

share: What are the differences between 3-stage life cycles and 4-stage life cycles?
4 life cycles has more transforming than 3 life cycles

share: What are two differences between conditions for life on the moon and on earth?
Quite simply, Earth has the conditions for life, the Moon doesn't. The Earth has water, the Moon doesn't. The Earth has air, the Moon doesn't. The Moon has extreme temperature differences.

share: What are some differences between taoism and confucianism?
the main difference between taoism and Confucianism is taoism is a way to a happy, simple, and fun life.

share: What is the difference between the life in the country and the life in the city?
The difference between living in the city than the country is, in the city it is all full of rush and queue's whereas in the country it is simply peaceful and free of city traffic and rush!

share: Main differences between modern lifestyle and traditional lifestyle?
what are different in modern lifestyle and traditional life

share: What are similarities and differences between instincts and culture?
instinct: inherited behavior culture: way of life for people

share: Where any differences found between circumference measurement of the biceps?
Who knows! Does it make a difference in your life if you know!

share: What are the differences between the Ancient civilization and the Medieval European civilization?
more advanced understandings of how life works

share: What does buttercup in The Hunger Games symbolize?
It symbolizes the differences between a cat, and a hairless blob that needs to get a life.

share: Can height differences between partners affect intercourse?
Drastic height differences merely put limitations on what positions would be comfortable or possible. Differences in height should have no real detrimental effect on a couple's sex life.

share: Is the difference between the synoptic Gospels true or false?
The differences are true, because each gospel concentrates on a certain value in the Life of Jesus Christ. But differences does not mean conflicts.

share: How are the isotopes of uranium different?
Differences between uranium isotopes: natural isotopes (U-234, U-235, U-238) and the artificial isotopes; differences in atomic mass; differences in the number of neutrons; differences of the half life; differences in the emitted radiations (type, energy, percentage); differences in the decay chain; differences in the technological importance; etc.

share: What are the two differences between the pupa of the butterfly and the adult?
Differences between the pupa of the butterfly and the adult are The female silk moth lays from which hatch larvae which are called caterpillar is ready to enter the next stage of its life history is called pupa ...

share: What are two important differences between the life cycle of a typical fern and that of a seed plant?
gametophyes is one difference

share: Differences between amazon rainforest and Sahara desert?
-The amount of rainfall. -The tree and plant life in the two areas.

share: What is the differences between your planets and other planets?
earth is the only planet known to house liquid water and life

share: Taino view of differences between the European and taino ways of life?
the Europeans are from Europe and the Taino's are from puerto rico

share: What is the Baha'is way of life?
The Baha'i way of life is very contemporary in keeping with the mores of the country in which one lives. Any obvious differences might be that Baha'is show absolutely no prejudices whether political, religious, gender-based, nationalistic, etc., and observe full equality in their dealings with others, especially between the sexes.

share: How does China's geography show differences within the large country?
china reveals great disversity in the land ,water ,and ways of life this is the best answer

share: What are the differences between now and 1800's?
well the difference between now and then was mostly transportation,schools,jobs,life for children,women,and men.

share: What was life in Japan like in the 1930s?
With the exception of cultural differences, life was just like any industrialized city, country in the world. Trains, cars, city noise, restaurants, theaters, etc.

share: 슬롯사이트 What is the life span of a potato plants?
The potato plant has a short life span ranging from 80 to 150 days from planting to maturity, with differences existing between varieties.

share: What is Homeless not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi?
Homeless, Not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi is a poem that talks about the life of the poor and rich, the differences between them, and the hope of the poor in another life.

share: What are the similarities and differences between a life raft and a moderately sized island and the planet Earth?
you can eat pizza in each one

share: What are the differences between standard of living and quality of life?
the difference between standard of living and quality of life is that standard of living is the level of your wealth, house and material goods, whereas, quality of life is the measure of how happy you are. someone could have a MASSIVE house :) but not be happy :(

share: What are the differences between the US Declaration of Independence and the Texas Declaration of Independence?
One of the most notable differences is that the US Declaration of Independence states â??Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.â?? Meanwhile, the Texas Declaration of Independence states â??life, liberty, and property.â??

share: What is the difference between an less economically developed country and an more economically developed country?
difference between life expectancy in developed and underdeveloped countries

share: What is culture shock?
Culture shock is something a person may feel when experiencing unfamiliar surroundings, usually due to way of life due to visiting or moving to a new country. This new area is completely different from a person's past way of life. A few of examples of these differences may be population, environmental, daily life, religious, language, and ritualistic differences.

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