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Start working with IQ Option.

por Jim Swift (2020-06-11)

IQ Option brokerage overview
IQ Option is the leading online trading platform offering a variety of instruments including options, forex, stocks, cryptov currencies, commodities, indices and ETFs.

The broker was founded in 2013 by IQ Option LTD and has performed very well, which explains why they have over 40 million users in 213 countries.

IQ Option is headquartered at Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agios Atanasiou 33, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus and other offices around the world. The Broker is licensed and regulated by the highest level regulatory authorities around the world, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

IQ Option trading account registration

  1. Go to the official website of IQ Option
  2. Fill in your real data, as well as the correct e-mail box, which will receive the activation code. Choose "Demo" or "Real" account. Click on "Register".
  3. email from IQ Option will be sent to your email address asking you to confirm your registration.
  4. If you are new to IQ Option binary options, click "How to trade" and read the Introduction to Options Training.
  5. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the IQ Option platform management console. A selection of options is available here:
  • you can choose to trade turbo options or classic (longer than 15 min).
  • in the "Personal profile" you can perform deposit and withdrawal operations, watch the trading history, write letters to technical support.
  • in the "List of assets" learn all kinds of currency pairs, stocks, metals, resources that can be traded.
  • you can read the frequently asked questions in the "Platform FAQ".
  • You can download the IQ Option mobile application for your smartphone.


Strategies for IQ Option
To make trades on IQ Option, we need to trade according to market regularities. To do this, we will use strategies for IQ Option. You can't bet like in a casino on binary options - it can go bankrupt very quickly. Strict adherence to the strategy - the main task of a trader for successful earnings. The strategy is based on the signals of the international financial portal and it is really easy to trade on it. Choose a pair EUR\USD. We will trade with turbo options for 60 seconds. 

Signal to buy options Up. If the signals for 1, 5, 10 minutes show "Active Buy" or "Buy", we quickly go to the broker's website and buy the option "Higher". Signal to buy the option BOTH Same for the option BOTH.

The signal to buy the option Down. The same for the option is DOWN. Only on the contrary. We are also interested in the "Actively Sell" or "Sell" signals for 1 minute, 5 and 10 minutes. As soon as they appear, we immediately place a bet on the IQ Option broker's website