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Learn How to Win Big in Online Lottery

por Bandar Togel (2020-06-15)

Learn How to Win Big in Online Lottery - For you the lovers of Online Lottery (or many people called it as bandar togel), of course you all have the same desire. Guess the exact number so you can win the main prize. Sounds very interesting right?

Let's have a little thought: What kind of person willing to risk everything to win an Online Lottery? Your chances of winning in Poker, AduQ, Capsa Susun, and other card games may be greater than Online Lottery.

On this occasion, I would like to share an inspiring story that you can learn from to be able to win big in Online Lottery.


How to win a lot in online lottery today?


This is a story about a Romanian named Stefan Mandel. A very interesting story to read. The story of a person who plays Lottery by buying all the possible combinations of numbers.

Starting in the late 1960s, young Stefan Mandel was very poor. Because the situation was getting worse, he was determined to get more money as soon as possible. As a person with an economic education background, Mandel spent much of his time studying probability theory in mathematics.

He then makes a formula like this: If a player chooses 6 numbers in 49 Lottery combinations, his chance of winning is 1: 13,983,816. If he chooses 15 combination numbers (you need to buy 5,005 tickets for each possible combination), your chances will increase to 1: 2,794. Mandel theorized that he could reduce 5,005 combinations to 569.

Here's a summary of Mandel's Theory:

Let's assume that we will choose 6 numbers between 1 - 40.

  1. Calculate all possible combinations with the following formula:

40! / 6! (40-6)! =3,838,380 total combinations

  1. Look for Lottery Online prizes that give prizes at least 3 times the number above (let's assume $ 10,000,000)
  2. Buy each combination of these numbers assuming $ 1 (total we buy $ 3,838,380)
  3. Print out all possible combinations and buy all with $ 1 each

Mandel then invited 4 of his friends to try the theory, each person bought 228 tickets. Miraculously, he won the grand prize (approximately $ 16,800). Mandel then left Romania and started a new life.


He travelled around the world for years, then Mandel finally settled in Australia. There, he managed to convince hundreds of investors to try his theory. They won 12 Lottery, including a big prize in 1986, which is $ 1.1 million.

After the victory, the Australian government then changed the regulations for Lottery. Forbid someone to buy tickets for all possible combinations of numbers.

He then moved to America, where he won Lottery in Massachusetts ($ 37 million), Arizona ($ 11 million), the largest being Virginia ($ 27 million).


Really fantastic isn’t it? The difficulty with the Mandel method is logistical problems. Imagine you have to buy the ticket millions of times. However, this story remains legendary and can be an inspiration for you all. Good luck in trying that.