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Fish Hunter Haiba Betting Rules

"Tamela Repin" (2020-06-20)

Game Overview

77788-1024x1024.pngBecome lord of the ocean in this brand new gorgeous fish hunting game. Shoot and find your fortune with big and powerful guns.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 98.00% of the total bets made.

Note: In case of malfunction, all game plays and payouts will be voided.

Fish Hunter Haiba game scene

How to Play

Fish Hunter Haiba game controls

Click on the [+] and [-] buttons to Change Bet
Left-click the Gun or Right-click anywhere to Switch Guns
Win = Bet x Fish ODDS
LOCK ON button – shoot at targetted fish automatically
AUTO MODE – guns will automatically fire non-stop


Game Feature

Gun Upgrade Feature

Fish Hunter Haiba gun upgrade feature

Energy Bar increase with each fish you killed. When full, touch to UPGRADE into more powerful Guns.

Gun can be upgraded randomly into 2 forms :

LASER – fire off one powerful laser beam that hits everything on its path
DRILL – drill bullet will penetrate the area and explode to kill fish within range
Upgraded Guns have limited time to aim, click SHOOT to use each gun Special Powerful Shot.

Boss Special Event

Fish Hunter Haiba boss special event

After killing one of the 4 Bosses, there will be a chance to trigger MULTIPLE FIRE EVENT – after the BOSS dies, a Boss Item appears and moves to the center of the screen. Bosses then appear and start hitting the Boss Item, each hit creates shockwave and hits all fish on the screen.

Special Feature

Fish Hunter Haiba special feature


Killing this creature trigger the JACKPOT
JACKPOT – player win a random Jackpot of these 4 types

Killing this creature trigger the BOMB EVENT.
BOMB EVENT – multiple bombs will be thrown and exploding continous in random areas with a wide range, possibly killing fish caught in the blast.

Killing creature with this Special Effect trigger the blizzard event.
Blizzard Event – freeze all fish on screen and เกมยิงปลา shoot ice arrows at random fish to kill them.

Killing creature with this Special Effect trigger the whirlpool event.
Whirlpool Event – create a whirlpool at the center of the screen pulling all fish of the same type into it and kill them all.

Killing creature with this Special Effect trigger the chain lightning event.
Chain Lightning Event – create a chain lightning that randomly strikes and kills fish automatically until it runs out