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Best way to send money abroad - choosing money transfer service

por Joshua Higgins (2020-08-06)

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International transfers have never been so easy before. One does not even have to go out of the apartment, everything can, and even should be, done online. For the user, sending money abroad is similar to classic domestic transfers because everything is taken care of by the platform. You just need to register, input correct data and an account number.

What are the ways to send the money abroad?

One could just make a transfer through a bank. But, there are additional fees, exchange rates are high and if you are in a rush, time could be a problem because bank-to-bank international transfers are comparatively slow. So why overpay and wait so much if you could just use a platform created particularly for making oversea transfers?
There are a lot of platforms of this type on a market, now. When people started travelling and regularly needing to send money abroad, the competitive market has been created. So if there are so many of them, how to choose the best one? Here are a few tips.

How to choose a platform?

Choose the country
Not every platform offer its service in every country. So firstly, cleave off firms that can make a transfer to your destination. You can do that by checking the list of countries on each site or you can use a special site that does that for you. You just enter the country and it will show you the platforms which you can use.

Decide what you need
There can be many reasons why one may want to send the money abroad. Family? Friend? Employee? You have to find the platform that suits your needs. For example check the time transfer if you need the money to be fast at the recipient’s account or the limits if you want to wire very big or very small sum.

You can also find the latest rankings summing up best firms at the market. Just sort them by your crucial criterion and look up the firms at the top. For example, here is a full-length TransferWise review, which can be a good place to learn more about remittance market and start the research. Then, you can check out other reviews and companies and compare the offer.

Make sure your money are safe
When it comes to money, everyone always wants to be very careful. Therefore, read some experts reviews and customers opinions about the firm you have decided on. If everything looks fine then you are ready to make a transfer.