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How do you repair headphones

por mark taylor (2020-03-30)

As the gaming industry growing mobile phones and the headphones market is also growing. Headphones manufactures are making headphones for games like headphones for pubg mobile , headphones for cod and more. But with more use of headphones after using in few month headphones not works properly so. here is quick guide to repair headphones. 

If there is still at least a little bit of the jack that remains protruding, you get a pair of pliers out of your toolbox, grab onto what remains of the plug, and pull it out. Since headphone plugs don’t lock in place, you only need to apply a modest amount of pulling force to remove the plug.

If the plug is broken off flush with the jack, or only a portion of the plug remains inside the jack, it will be more difficult. Can you open the outer case of the device that contains the jack? If so, open it, and take a look at the jack. Some headphone jacks are partially open, and you may be able to get a small tool past the contacts of the jack to press on the remaining portion of the plug and push it out.

If you can’t open the device case, or when you open it you find that the headphone jack is completely enclosed, you need to try removing the plug through the jack opening. You might try a drill bit that is smaller than the diameter of the plug, so it can drill into the remnants of the plug without damaging the jack. This is better done in a milling machine, or a drill press with a vise, to ensure the drill stays centered in the jack instead of drifting to one side. If you can drill a hole a few mm into the remnant of the plug, you may then be able to insert a self-tapping screw into the new hole and have it grab onto the plug remnant so you can pull it out.

Or, it may be easier to just replace the entire headphone jack, if you can get at the old one and have a source for a replacement. This is easier with a panel-mounted jack, which doesn’t need to be an identical replacement.