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Is there a way to go on Facebook if you don't have a Facebook account

"Willie Leblanc" (2020-04-17)

No, you have to have an account to go on facebook.

526x297How do you go about removing your name from Facebook?
I dont have a facebook but you cant unless you do that at the beginning of creating ur facebook account.

How do you be amember of Facebook?
its simple to be a member of facebook. Simply go to the website website and on the homepage it will read, " dont have facebook? register now" simply fill in the details and you will have a facebook account.

Can you go to jail for making a fake facebook account?
Maybe. But I doubt it. I made a Facebook account. But not a fake one. They always say they are going to charge you if you have a Facebook but dont pay in time. But they have never charged anyone. Atleast I don't think!

Why can't i delete my account on facebook?
you can u have 2 go 2 settings account all the way do to deactivate

How do you delete my facebook account?
To delete your facebook account go to Account Settings then go to Security Click the last option "Deactivate your account" Fill the required data, confirm and your facebook account will get deleted.

How do you cancell Facebook?
-Go To The Top Right Of The Screen & Click Account. -Go Down To Account Settings -Then Scroll All The Way Down & Click Delete Account Or Something.

How do you block your Facebook account?
To deactivate your facebook account go to Account settings >> security Here you will see a option deactivate your account. From here you can delete your facebook account.

How can you get a Facebook account?
To get a Facebook account all you have to do is go to the Facebook sign in place and click on create account or something similar to that. Then just provide the information they ask for and your set to go.

How we make id or account in Facebook?
To make an account in Facebook, you first need to go to the Facebook website. You then just go to the box that says create account and put in your email address.

How do you get rid of your facebook account?
To delete your Facebook account you have to go to account settings and click account and then somewhere there's a close account button.

How do you permantly delete your Facebook account?
if you go to the menu where you log out you can see i think its called account settings and its at the way bottom it says deactivate account enable or disable

How you unsubscribe Facebook?
You have to go to account and then account settings. You then scroll down and click deactivate account. Facebook will then ask you a few questions on why you want to deactivate you account. then type your password in the box and then you will unsubscribe for Facebook. If you wish to go back on your facebook account then you can just log in and it will all be back to normal.

You do not want to delete your Facebook account?
To completely delete a facebook account you can't use it for at least 3 weeks. You can't log on or anything like that. There is also a very simpler way. You go into settings in the top right of your screen when logged onto facebook, and then you go down to where it says something along the lines of "delete account?" and then you hit yes, and it will be deleted. my problem is signing...

How do you cancell your Facebook account on your mobile phone?
You will need to go to settings on your mobile Facebook account then go to settings. At the bottom of the page is the option to deactivate your account.

How do you sign out of Facebook on a Samsung wave?
go to my account under menu, delete the facebook account from there.

How can you signout from Facebook?
It is a very simple thing to do. All you have to do is press the account botton. Go all the way down too "logout". The tada! You are no longer in facebook! :)

Can you erase a Facebook?
Go to Account>Account Settings>Deactivate Account.

How do you connect your formspring account to your facebook account?
go onto the formspring website and go on to option 'connect to facebook' and to show messages asked on formspring on your facebook click the option 'facebook' at the bottom of the question

How do you make a Facebook?
Go to Create Account on the Facebook website.

How could you change your country flag in 8 ball pool?
The easiest way is go to Miniclip website, and then log into the site with your Facebook account. Go to your profile, edit/update it (your country), and 인터넷바카라사이트 voila, your account of Facebook 8 ball pool will updated and your country will be changed as is.

How do yu create a Facebook account?
you go to website then if you dont have on it will give you all the registration stuff in the center of the screen... just put you information in there and walaa!!

How do you quit a FACEBOOK account?
Go to Setting then deactivate account.

How do you confirm your Facebook account?
Go to your email (that you had signed up with) and there should be an email from Facebook with a link to confirm your account.

How do you sign up for a facebook account?
You go to the facebook website and you click the boxes that say name age so on and so forth and then click sign up and there you go then you add a picture if you want and then there you go you have a facebook account :)

How do you get ride of a Facebook?
get it deleted by spamming or by doing cyber bulling, or uploading "dirty" photos. if you want to go out the normal way go to account settings

Can an account be removed from Facebook?
An account on facebook cannot be fully removed from facebook but it can be disabled (people will not be able to search for you,no recognition of your account) but you can reactivate it by signing in as usual on to your account. To disable your facebook you go to: -account -account settings -scroll down to deactivate account -click 'deactivate' -give your reason for deactivating -enter your password.

How can you go to Farmtown with out going to Facebook?
You have to have a facebook account, but you can just go to, type your facebook login, and it will take you straight to farmtown.

How do you get a kkash account?
There is actually a scam on that website go to Facebook and get an account from there

How do you get account off of Facebook?
If you want to get rid of your Facebook account go to account setting ( it can be found where we log out ) click on it and choose deactivate account and your account is now deactivated . If this Question is asking that how to log of your Facebook account so just click on account it can be found on the extreme right at the end of the page and just click on log...

How do i quit Facebook how do i quit Facebook?
You can go to your account settings and deactivate your account, you can reactivate it in the future if you wish to rejoin Facebook and it will restore all of your friends and photos.

How can you delete your facebook account using Gmail account?
No, you can't delete Facebook using Gmail. To delete Facebook, you have to go on their website. Gmail just is an interface.

How do you delete a Facebook?
You cannot delete a Facebook account, but Facebook lets you deactivate your account. Go to "Account", then click on "Deactivate". Deactivating an account means that your account will no longer be active, but Facebook will not delete it either. You can return to your account by signing in as usual, and confirming an e-mail sent by Facebook. If you want to completely delete your account from Facebook you can do this by emailing them and...

How do you get on Facebook on the Xbox 360?
you go on your xbox and and go on the facebook and sign in and you got to submit your account on

Can you go down a level on cafe world?
Answer No you cannot go down a level in Cafe World. The only way you can do that is to have another Facebook account and to start the game over. But be careful, as I think you are not allowed to have multiple Facebook accounts.

How do you get an account on Facebook?
If you're 13, you can just go to facebook and fill in the blanks.

How can you create a Facebook account on a computer where another Facebook account already exists?
Facebook keeps no record of how many accounts are on your computer, so you can simply log out of the existing account and create a new one, neither account will go away unless you choose to terminate it! You cannot terminate a facebook account...

How do you get on Facebook without an email address?
That 's possible.. You can get on to Facebook with your facebook username. If you have not facebook username, you can make it now. First go to Account beside of Profile and go to account settings. Then you will see Username in it. Then click change and you can make your user name there.

How do you confirm Facebook account?
Go to the inbox of the email you have registered on facebook. There should be a message from facebook. Open the message and click the link in the message. You have now confirmed your account.

Does Dylan thomas sprous have Facebook?
Dylan Sprouse has a facebook account but does not go on it very often but cole does not as his account has been deleted by facebook and he was so fed up!

How do you connect your Roblox account to Facebook?
First, go to the Roblox homepage and scroll down until you see the button 'Connect to Facebook' at the left. Click on it and proceed to sign in to Facebook if you haven't already. Once you have done so, your Roblox account will now be connected to your Facebook account. If, at any point you want to disconnect your Facebook account, go to 'Account' which can be found on the top black bar on Roblox's...

Delete your Facebook?
Go to Account, then click account settings, then at the bottom it says deactivate account(:

How do you permenatly delete your facebook account?
Go to account settings, and scroll down to deactivate account.

How do you open a Facebook account which was hacked?
Go to Facebook and report that it was hacked and ask them if it can be opened again or what you need to do to open the account. You may not be able to open the account as Facebook may delete it if they find it has been hacked.

How do you delete out of Facebook?
sign in, go into account settings then lick on Deactivate Account

How do you delte your facebook account?
Go into settings and at the bottom it says delete account :)

Can You Get Facebook On A PlayStation 3?
Go onto account managment and go down until you see a facebook sign

How do you take yourself off of Facebook and MySpace?
On facebook: you go to settings, and then when that page opens, there's a link that says DEACTIVATE my ACCOUNT. Click on it, and BOOM! On Myspace: you go to my account, Account link, and then there's another link that says Account Cancellation : Cancel my Account.

How can you confirm your Facebook Account to open it?
go to your email you used to sign up in Facebook and open your inbox then if you see a mail from facebook open it it then read it and click the link they sent you to confirm your Facebook Account

Do you have to be invited to Facebook?
No, you don't have to be invited to Facebook. You can just go to the Facebook website, and create an account for free. An online training site called Grovo can help you with setting up and managing your Facebook account.

How to reactivate your my yearbook account?
The only way you can reactivate your myyearbook account is if you have it linked to your facebook. So When you go to log in use your regular myyearbook information and click log in with facebook. Doing this will ask you for your facebook login information. Once you click login after putting in your facebook information it will take you stright to your myyearbook home page. I hope this was enough information:)

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