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Faroe Islands lets web users control a real-life tour guide

"Vanita Ault" (2020-04-28)

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'They'll say, 'well let me tell you why testing is important' and then this spiel comes out and you feel it's so patronising, actually, is the word, because you feel like saying 'I know why testing is important, I wouldn't have asked about testing if I hadn't realised it was important'.

State lawmakers, including in Illinois, New York and New Jersey, have proposed laws that would dictate insurers accept business claims for coronavirus damage, in some cases even if policies exclude pandemics.

Amber recalled: 'My oldest, Selkie, had been at a friend's for tea and she said, 'Mommy, they've got so much garbage in their house.' I had to explain that not everyone lives like us, and it's okay if they have more rubbish than we do.

No revenue is flowing into the Billy Goat, which previously drew hundreds of tourists a day, including some who remember the best-known line from a series of late 1970s SNL skits in which restaurant staff rebuffs patrons ordering anything but the house specialties: "Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger!

'It's, for example, when you say 'why aren't we doing as much testing', 'why haven't we got our testing up to the numbers or the standards that you wanted to meet' and they'll pivot slightly and do this diversion.

A mother of three whose family wiped out debts of nearly $50,000 (£40,000) in four years by following 'zero waste' principles has revealed how their self-sufficient lifestyle means they are taking the Covid-19 lockdown in their stride.

Keeper Caleb Hall, who captured eight-year-old big cat Harry's impressive feat on camera, said: 'All lions are capable of climbing trees, but Harry is particularly good and makes it look deceptively effortless.

Firstly, Leanne said you'll need to get your hands on four medium bananas, one tin of sweetened condensed milk, 2.5 cups of self-raising wholemeal flour, three quarters of a cup of honeycomb protein powder and some chia seeds.

'I own less than 30 items of clothes and I only have three pairs of shoes - slippers, rubber boots, and slip on shoes. 'We have a lot less clothes than most people - and all our clothes are from thrift stores,' she said.

Maitlis, who was speaking in the podcast first released on April 8, added: 'Those briefings are really frustrating because now of course the journalists come through Skype, they get one question, they're not allowed a follow-up.

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The expectation is that insurers will continue to reject the vast majority of claims, triggering waves of lawsuits from businesses in nearly every town and city. Such a filing frenzy could add to logjams in courts when they reopen fully after the pandemic eases.

'We had about CAD$50,000 worth of school loans to pay off between us and Joseph just wanted to buy everything completely new - all the house furniture and household items - make a website and I suppose that's where we went wrong,' she said.

But insurers have widely rejected the claims, so the Billy Goat joined a growing line of businesses, including barbershops and casinos, suing insurers to force them to pay. The tavern and millions of other shuttered businesses nationwide have turned to their insurers to help recoup their losses following state-mandate closures, which combined may exceed $300 billion a month.

Wearing helmet cameras, local guides provide commentary to web audiences remotely, guiding them across the Danish semi-autonomous territory, which has had less than 200 confirmed coronavirus cases and no deaths.

Leanne Ward, 31, from Brisbane, said when she saw the three-ingredient banana bread recipe on Facebook comprising bananas, condensed milk and flour, she wanted to make her own version that wasn't 'all carbs but just as filling'.

"If elected officials require payment for perils that were excluded, never underwritten for, and for which no premium was ever collected, catastrophic results will occur," said Charles Chamness, president of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

'I make them by cutting up old t-shirts or blankets. We use the cloth, wash it and hang it up to dry. We all use reusable cloths instead of toilet paper' Amber explained. I do the same thing with Galaxie's cloth nappies - wash them out and use them over and over (pictured)'. 'In our house we only have ethically sourced toilet paper for guests. Then we can use it again and again.