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A Kettler Metal Swing Set Review For Your Kids

"Helene Hawk" (2020-05-03)

全民随手拍 春假玩转<strongwashington<\/strong> dc. 学生党游玩攻略" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Are you shopping for a metal swing set for the Holidays? If so, the quality offered by the brand of Kettler can not be matched. This company is well-known for making high quality, strong and safe swing sets for children. They offer innovative, safety and value into any product they make. These values are the commitment they have made to consumers for over 60 years. The business has a state of the art facility in Germany where they produce tricycles, bikes, and swing sets.



Kettler's product line is built strong and made to last a long time. This is why there quality is unmatched in the industry. They have their own tubing factory and with that said, they control the "quality" from beginning to end. After the swing set tube is made it goes through a cleaning process. This process removes any build up of grease or dirt and after that they repeat the process one more time. During the second cleaning an application of iron phosphate is applied to the outside of the tube and on the inside as well. This special coating is what protects it from rust. The last step is applying a weather proof, polyester coating to the outside on the tube. Their motto is "quality doesn't cost, it pays!"



Metal sets are reasonably priced and are a fantastic option for backyard fun. What is nice about metal structures is that require very little maintenance. Although you will need to inspect the nuts and bolts to make sure they are still tight you won have to worry about sanding and applying a wood seal as you would with a wooden swing set.



The instruction manual from Kettler is in German and English with illustrated pictures making assembly easy. You should however; when you begin installation have another grown-up as your assistant. When deciding upon the perfect spot in the backyard for setting up look for a location that is level. Level ground makes the whole process less stressful. Once you have chosen your place you can begin installing but first that a few minutes and read the instruction manual.



Secondly you will need to visit the hardware store and purchase a few bags cement. The cement will need to be mixed so read the instructions on the package carefully. The reason for cement is so that you can secure the ground anchors into the ground. Each of the leg tubes goes into the ground with cement. Most are made with one anchor per leg tube, and then the anchor in enclosed in cement along with the leg. Duplicate this step for each leg of the Washington DC swing set assembly set.



For the reasons stated above, this company is by far one of the most excellent manufactures in the industry. Without question, please take into account what was discussed in this article and do your own research. You will find that Kettler's line of children's outdoor equipment, presents the finest metal swing sets advertised these days.