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Ultra Manifestation Review

por Lyla Zarella (2020-05-14)

Such an account is different to all Ultra Manifestation other accounts we've ever given. This time, instead of defending ourselves, we tell on ourselves. We hold nothing back. And the more we confess, the more God shows us, and the more that is revealed, the more two divergent things happen: the more cut to the heart we are about our sin, the more forgiveness we experience. The more of God's forgiving grace we experience firsthand, the more we realise that it's now our eternal possession. It can never be taken away from us. And suddenly the fleeting fancies in life pass over for the surpassing glory of God which we now lay hold of. All from brokenness of the heart. And yet, for sin, for brokenness, for shame, we're reconciled to the only saving grace there ever is, was, or ever will be. The secret, the only secret, is unveiled as the veil is torn in two. For honesty, because we stand on the Lord's side against ourselves, on account of our sin, which is the only way we can be for ourselves.

What Is Ultra Manifestation?