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Wonderful Traditions of Halloween

"Manual Lewis" (2020-06-01)

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. This is one night of the year when ghosts and witches are thought to be active. No one knows the origins of Halloween. But what is known is that this date is the eve of the All Saints Catholic festival and the eve of the pagan Celtic festival Samhain. Halloween is a perfect example of superstition struggling with religious belief.
Celebrating Halloween around the world
Dating back to the pagan times, Halloween is one of the oldest festivals celebrated around the world. Recently more people in more countries are celebrating Halloween for the very simple reason that it is good, clean and harmless fun for the young and the old. In rural areas bonfires blaze, children and even adults dress up in costumes and spend the evening tricking or treating in their neighborhood. It is party time for neighbors and friends. Games are played, and the snap-apple game is the most popular game at all Halloween parties. An apple on a string is tied to the door frame or tree and players try to bite the hanging apple. It is great fun to watch players trying to bite the bobbing apples. Treasure hunt is another popular game in which candy and pastries are the treasure.
Several countries celebrate Halloween vaguely different. In Austria people leave bread, water and a lighted lamp on a table. Belgians light candles in memory of the dead. In Canada jack o lantern pumpkin lamp ( O'Lanterns are carved and homes are decorated with carved pumpkins, turnips, beets and cornstalks. In several other countries bonfires are lit to light the paths of the spirits that travel the world on Halloween night. Lighted pumpkin lanterns and turnips are placed on gate posts to protect homes from the spirits that roam the world on Halloween night.
Generally Halloween is not celebrated in France, but it has caught on as the French love parties and fun. They dress up in traditionally scary costumes such as mummies, ghost, witches, vampires and goblins and party at friends' homes, and in bars, restaurants and clubs.
Traditional food at Halloween parties
The traditional food served at the Halloween party is Barnbrack, candies and pastries. It is a kind of fruit cake, traditionally made at home, but now sold in stores. A surprise treat is baked inside the cake which foretells the future of the eater. A ring signifies a wedding soon, a bit of straw means a prosperous year ahead etc. Children find it amusing to knock on their neighbors' doors and run away before it is opened. Every trick is taken in good spirit.