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Rationale Behind Rising Demand of Online Grocery Shopping in Future

"Lela Whitta" (2019-12-14)

11 months agoGrocery shopping is one of the tiresome chores that falls under our month activities. It seems easy to make a long list and visit stores to purchase grocery items, but carrying the heavy bags; standing in a queue; rushing at the payment counters and fighting for the parking place near shops are daunting tasks done on monthly-basis by the shoppers.

Today, evolving technology has solved our major issues and introduced us to the digital process of adopting grocery shopping online. Not only in cities, but also in small villages and town's people can sit at their home and enjoy purchasing necessary goods with the help of internet. One can find every branded and local product via e-shopping.

Reasons for the demand for online grocery shopping

Gone are the days when people used to worry about making frequent visits to the supermarket or the grocery shops for stocking up the kitchen. Nowadays, automation-industry has invented a number of applications and websites where grocery shopping online can be done easily.

Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of online stores:

Variety of products and brands

When consumers go shopping at retail markets, they do not get all the products and brands they desire to purchase. E-shopping helps buyers to get much variety of grocery and other items with reliable brands with numerous discounts and offers.

Delivery on time

Online shopping helps shoppers to get their desired grocery items and other products in time with proper packing. Getting your grocery products delivered at your doorstep is truly convenient and money-saving.

Saves energy and time

Today people are extremely busy with lots of work, so they do not have time to physically visit shops or market. Online grocery shopping helps buyers to save their time and energy by ordering items by sitting at home. Even you don't have to carry heavy goods by visiting stores but it will be delivered at your doorstep with just a click.

Easy payment mode

Now you don't have to stand in a queue at cash counters in supermarkets. You can easily choose any payment mode and enjoy shopping with the help of e-commerce payment gateways.

Future of e-commerce market in Pakistan

Today along with other countries Pakistan is one of the emerging e-commerce markets globally. About 60% of the population is aspiring to start purchasing groceries via e-shopping. These online ventures may expand the scope of profit in market-economy.

According to ibimapublishing, in future business owners may use the hyper-local delivery model of grocery shop that will help consumers of Pakistan to fulfill their demand without any barrier. At present, the market share of grocery shopping online in Pakistan is standing with 25 million. The e-commerce market of Pakistan is expected to reach 600 million by 2020.

The internet-reach of Pakistan is around 40 million, which is expected to reach 58 million users in 2020. The online market is rapidly booming and sabo terlik fiyatlari in future, it is expected that the dynamics and competitive business model of e-commerce will segment successfully. All these are because of rising demand of e-shopping.


After doing economic research, studies have proved that e-commerce market of Pakistan is standing at a peak and in future. The online grocery shops are expected to create a rapid boom with prolific demand because of its advantages liked by consumers.

Rony Sneijder is a serial entrepreneur and author of business blogs, who loves to share his knowledge through commercial articles and blogs. Recently, he has written about the prolific rise of future demand of grocery shopping online .