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Sounds Like Ripping Off, Doesn’t It?

"Alta Trouton" (2019-12-24)


Review Clone Script The Cardinal looks at Nathan and then to the Cross. Daniel looks around. "First, gather the Sons of Abraham. Mary frowns and looks down at the ground. Mary narrows her eyes. Seeing the shocked faces of the assembled clergymen, Daniel rolls his eyes. After all, you’re all mortal and thus none of you can ever outrun Death." With that, Daniel disappears and Nathan rolls his eyes. I assume you’re here for the meeting right? Now, he was here for a totally different reason and opened the doors to the church and walked in, taking a look around. Looking after the Church fell to me. Nathan walked up the stairs to the church carefully and slowly, taking in the sight of the big, old church that he had served at as a Parish priest twice in his career. The priests gathered look in each other and Daniel walks calmly through the room, before stopping in front of a priest that seemed to be from the Middle East and smirked.

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