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Instagram filter matches Robin Williams' daughter with her dad's Aladdin Genie character

"Muoi Carnegie" (2020-02-19)

Bangkok, điểm tập trung hàng hiệu toàn cầu2id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Instagram filters can be fun to fool around with. But this week, Zelda Williams, daughter of the late, great comedian Robin Williams, gave one a whirl ... and ended up with an almost unbelievable matchup. 

This specific filter, called "Which Disney Character Are You?" is pretty self-explanatory. Set it to run over a live video of yourself, and it will choose a classic animated character for you. When Williams tried it, tour thái lan giá rẻ it passed over such iconic faces as Olaf, Nemo, Simba, Elsa and others before finally landing on the very character her father voiced in the 1992 animated movie Aladdin: The Genie.

A surprised-looking Williams, who laughs aloud when the match is made, posted the video along with the heading "Welp..." and tweeted out the video with the simple caption, "Y'all..."


— Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) December 30, 2019 Her six-second video has so far been viewed more than 1.9 million times and has earned more than 138,900 likes.

Robin Williams was acclaimed for his stand-up comedy and tour thái lan giá rẻ his starring role on Mork & Mindy, as well as in such movies as Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting and many more. He died by suicide in 2014 when Zelda, now an actress herself, was 25.

Fans of both Williamses loved the Instagram connection, with some seeing it as a sign from her late father. "As it should be," wrote one Twitter user.

"Dad's saying hi," wrote another.

As it should be

— Mightykeef [Thunder Gaming] (@MightyKeef) December 31, 2019 Dad's saying hi

— 🌸Wing Wolf🌸 (@GirlyWolfPup) December 31, 2019 That's awesome. Divine intervention for that for sure.

— Crazy James (@CrazyJamesAB) December 30, tour thái lan giá rẻ 2019 You truly are your father's daughter. God bless his soul.

— EyeBob (@Maxxor501) December 31, 2019 What are the chances? I like to imagine that was your dad's doing, tour thái lan giá rẻ making you laugh to this day!

— Josh Smith (@jsmith070393) December 30, 2019

— ANDRES LOPEZ (@andreslop24) December 31, 2019 Comments Instagram Notification on Notification off TV and Movies