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In The Age Of Modern Technology

"Jeana Allman" (2020-03-06)

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Its impact of relationships will become apparent as society becomes ever more secular while remaining isolated in a physical sense. Part of Facebooks appeal exists with posting about any event they feel remains relevant to their own sense of relational identity. This virtual indicator of status remains available for all to see. As social media websites continue to rise in terms of popularity understanding what information can cause problems if unwittingly shared to total strangers remains of prime importance. The rise in cyber-stalking, predatory sexual nature of paedophiles, and sex attackers, mark Facebook as a new hunting ground for such criminality. Updating Facebook via mobile android technology continues to redefine human interaction with the social networking site. As new laws begin to recognise, while increasing the punishment of cyber-stalking, it’s a fair reflection that the prominence of this crime exists in direct relationship to the virtual nature of human social interaction with relationships through Facebook. Facebook however allows these relationships to form as a re-born event even enabling past emotions to seep into a romantic vision of a past relationship.

It also allows for the reconnection of lost friendships while also including potentially lost lovers. Sadly I lost contact with those people over the years, but the Internet has allowed me to develop new online friends from other countries. I have not been stalked on myspace, but I sure did receive some weird instant messages from online friends in the past, which is one of the reasons I do some of these things on the hub. Thanks for the post on my Top Chef Hub. You would be able to wear it with your hair in a up-do or on top of a wig. I remember the first time i saw long hair. I agree, IM can be a big vat of wasted time if you are not careful! This hub was answering a request and usually I do not avoid people on the instant messenger, but there are a couple who send non-stop messages even if I say I am busy.