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Gold - Where To Find Gold, Where Is Gold Found? A Love Story About Gold

"Reece Council" (2018-07-29)

Gold Nuggets - The Ultimate Love Affair

It was a barmy scorching hot day somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, a rather nondescript place where the ocean waves heaved and sighed in their relentless rise and fall. A single particle a tiny droplet of water within the ocean felt itself being drawn upwards towards the ever increasing strong light above, to start on it's course an amazing journey, until now untold, a love affair between the elements, which would result in one very happy individual like you, holding in their hand, one of the most precious gifts known to man and a lifelong cherished memory of good and happy times.

Upon breaking the surface of the ocean, the particle of water felt itself being lifted up and away from the surface which was still heaving below. Along with billions of other similar particles of water, this particle felt itself rising higher and higher until the ocean home it had known for so long was now far, far below.

Swirling on the winds above, the feeling was very much similar to being in the watery deep which so far had been it's only memory, but this was altogether a totally new environment, at least she thought to herself, 'I Am not alone', for there were still billions of other particles of water also it seemed destined for this new and strange journey. What is to become of me the particle of water said to herself as yet another gust of wind carried her higher still.

Before too long, she happened to bump into another particle of water and together they held hands and talked about their individual journeys and how they had got to where they were now, it felt good all of a sudden not to be so alone, so they made a pact to try to bump into as many other friendly looking particles of water, for it felt as though at least, in the safety of numbers, they might at least defy this ever increasing upward lift that they were still experiencing, in the hope that one day, they might just be able to find their way home again, to the ocean which was now way, way below them.

In the very far distance storm clouds were brewing and as the day went by, they were drifting ever closer to their present position, high in the sky. By now their number had swelled to a very good number of them all holding hands together so that they did not lose any one of their fellow particles of water. Suddenly the storm system was upon them and they held hands ever tighter than before, grouping themselves together so that they formed by now a tiny droplet of water.

The storm was now gathering speed, rushing westwards and within several hours they saw land ahead. Some of the other particles of water in the great ocean had told them about this strange substance called land and the stories shared had always been rather fantastic, so although with a little trepidation and trembling they anticipated a great adventure ahead, one which they all knew individually one day they too would be sharing with other particles of water in the ocean, which was now starting to recede as they crossed over onto the land mass itself. The droplet of water all the while had been growing larger and larger in size and they could see now that many other particles of water had had exactly the same idea and were all now gathered together in little clumps bouncing and swirling around on the the swirls and rushes of wind which enveloped them. In fact there was quite the party atmosphere and everyone was immensely enjoying themselves.

On and on they flew over the land crossing first the coastal cities sitting on their rivers, up up and away they continued, the rolling landscape below in all it's shades of color, never had they all experienced something so exciting as this. Up ahead they could now see on the horizon a chain of mighty mountains. Suddenly they realised just how many of them there were in this single droplet of water and how heavy all of a sudden they were. You could certainly see them now with the naked eye and it was getting more and more difficult for them to stay airborne.

Before they knew it, they were right on top of the mountain range, when suddenly without warning a huge clap of noise thundered all around them, making every droplet of water quiver and shiver excitedly, when suddenly, slowly at first and then faster and faster they felt themselves falling towards the landmass far below.

Faster and faster they went, tumbling over and over and every other droplet of water around them was doing the same. Without warning they were right on top of the mountain when Plop! - they connected with it and instantly dissipated in many different directions. All the particles of water were highly surprised by the experience but at least the surface upon which they all now found themselves was wet, so they still had a very good feeling about the journey in front of them. Slowly and surely, they felt themselves still being drawn on downwards. Thankfully they had all landed on a rather friendly looking small tree, on one of it's leaves in fact, so sliding over the surface of the leaf, they approached the edge and again felt themselves falling, only this time, not so far, for the next leaf below them caught them safely where they thereupon repeated this several times, landing at last on the actual surface of the earth, and it actually felt very good. Calling goodbye to the tree and saying thank you for being so kind they now slid across the surface of this 'thing' that they had heard was called the ground, arriving shortly in a small puddle of water, where much to their delight, all the other particles of water with which they had shared their journey so far, were now in, with just the last few particles arriving.

All around it was still raining very heavily and already many other particles of water were far ahead of them down below on the mountainside, grouping themselves once again together in little rivulets and then tiny streams and then bigger streams and further ahead still, even greater torrents of water.

The puddle by now was really getting quite full, so joining together again, the droplet formed it's previous friendship with as many other particles as they could muster and they started to teeter towards the edge of the puddle. With a sudden swoosh they went over the edge to begin the great water roller coaster journey of their lives.

Somewhere below, the first torrents of water were now really gushing at full pelt, stirring up the rocks which too were starting to tumble all around them in the same direction. Such was the force of the water at this point, that some rocks were now becoming dislodged from the bedrock upon which they had been attached to for a very long time, and along with them, one small nugget suddenly felt itself being forced away from it's mother and this rock seemed to glow that much brighter than all the other rocks around it. Down and down further the nugget was forced to go and way above him, another droplet of water was experiencing similar emotions. Some time passed, many hours in fact and eventually the very heavy rain started to ease off, however, on the ground, all was still a very great turmoil, as everyone seemed to have the same purpose, which was to get as far down as possible.

The little gold nugget eventually came to a stop in a somewhat perilous location, caught by a tiny projection of rock. He surveyed the scenery flying past him. Billions of droplets of water rushing past, now and again lifting him slightly, before his weight conquered the force and he settled backwards again into his resting place. The water was getting stronger all the time though and he knew that eventually he would be lifted out again and most likely would continue his onward journey to the valley below.

A roaring noise assailed him just a few minutes later from further up the mountainside. Lo and behold it was the droplet of water now rushing downwards with an even mightier force of similar droplets, when suddenly the two came face to face for the very first time. Bang! 'Oh hello', said the droplet diving underneath the nugget of gold, and with another sudden whoosh, the gold nugget felt itself finally lifted up, over the edge of the little projection of rock which hither-to-fore had been holding him back and together they bounced and swirled downwards, finally reaching the valley floor. The gold nugget was ever so thankful to the droplet of water for depositing him in such a quiet and peaceful looking spot and he settled back into his new home, resting place. Checking that he was ok, the droplet swirled around in the eddy a few times, each time passing by the gold nugget and calling out, checking to see that all was well. On the final go around, they called out to each other and bade their goodbye's as the droplet joined the river which was now moving more slowly downstream

Meanwhile somewhere far away, another beautiful event was unfolding. A handsome young man was down on one knee and saying something to a gorgeous looking lady.

On and on the droplet of water journeyed, until eventually after the passage of quite some time, it felt itself tasting salt again and knew instantly that by now it must be very close to the ocean once more.

The nugget of gold was pleasantly pleased with his new surroundings too, the sunlight sparkled like a million diamonds above him and all around him were similar little tiny nuggets of gold just like him. The weeks passed into months, the seasons changed, the water level rose once more for a few months until once again, they dropped and their was a faint discernible difference in the temperture of the water. It was spring and then summer all over again.

Bouncing along the track in his four wheel drive meanwhile, a young handsome man was behind the wheel on one of his many expeditions into this part of the county to prospect for gold. He had already enjoyed quite a few successful seasons and was hoping that today too, he could turn up a decent yield of gold for the surprise gift he was hoping to give to his girlfriend, to whom he was now engaged. Upon arriving in a beautiful and serene very peaceful spot, he turned off the track, parked up and started to pull out his gold prospecting equipment.

He was pleased that by now, with several seasons experience behind him, that he had a few, very good lightweight tools that he knew would help him in his search for gold. He had a plan up his sleeve too, the gold that he found today, was to go with other gold that he had found on previous gold prospecting trips, and via a jeweler craftsman friend of a friend, he was going to have this made into a very beautiful wedding ring, with which to marry his girlfriend. She would see it for the very first time on the actual wedding day. Without further ado, he set to work, setting up the equipment and started the enjoyable experience of looking for gold using his sluice and panning equipment.

As the day was drawing to a close, he thought he would try just one more spot about fifty feet away from where he was presently toiling away.

The nugget of gold saw the shadow first above the surface of the water getting closer and closer and once again a warm glowing feeling came over him as he sensed with a degree of excitement that the next finger of his journey was about to begin.

This young man moved closer with something in his hand, a long tubular device. Suddenly this was right on top of the nugget of gold and with great surprise he felt himself being sucked up out of his lovely resting place and together with other silt and tiny stones and sludge, being conveyed towards the bank, whereupon he was put through several processes which involved being swirled around in a pan. After a very short while, there was less water in the pan than before and then suddenly with a whoop of joy, the man saw for the very first time the little nugget of gold, knowing instantly that he now had enough for his gold ring. Hooray! he thought, talking to himself about how he would have the ring designed.

So this is what is to become of me the gold nugget said to himself, I am to become a gold wedding ring, well, what finer privilege could I have than to help this kind man share his love with the lady of his dreams. What a beautiful item I am to become a part of and to think, everyone will admire me for so many years to come, what could be a more beautiful destiny?

The months passed by, the seasons came and went, the years rolled along and the gold nugget was very happy. He loved his new home, he loved what he stood for, he loved the fact that he was part of a symbol of eternal love and affection between two such very special people. Years rolled into decades and everything was very good.

As if it was yesterday, the couple walked along by the shore of the ocean, still holding hands, arms gently swinging, talking about their life so far together. Still very much in love, it was their golden wedding anniversary. Fingers joined, entwined together in love the little gold nugget could not be happier. The sun was warm and everything felt so very good. Laughingly the couple kicked off their sandals and walked together, the waves now and again rushing up to greet their toes scrunching into the soft golden sands. They embraced, her hand caressing his warm facial features, the gold ring glistened in the sun, a small wave crashed at their feet as they kissed and a tiny droplet of water flew upwards through the air and landed on her third finger onto her gold wedding ring. Everything had come around once again, full circle.