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Key Reasons Why Android App Development Leads to Business Success

"Brittny Ehrhart" (2020-03-11)

Google's Android operating system for mobile devices has become extensively popular within few years of its launch in 2007 and it is giving serious competition to Apple's iOS operating system. Right now it holds more than 80% market share in the smartphone's OS market. Android mobile OS has been developed by Google using the Linux kernel for touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets. As Android became more popular so the Android App Development Services also become popular.

child-opens-christmas-gift-card.jpg?widtBasically it is an open source mobile OS and so many hardware manufacturing and technological companies use it and customize it. There is an Open Handset Alliance (OHA) which has leading global technology companies as its members like Samsung, Intel, HTC, Sony etc. Google works in close collaboration with all of these companies to evolve a unified Android platform as well a reliable open standards for mobile devices. Google has done lots of research while developing Android which is paying now rich dividends therefore the world of hi-tech mobile devices is now ruled mainly by Android operating system.

The recent evolution of high speed mobile broadband and 3G/4G wireless technologies has also made online business and e-commerce very important for the modern companies, developers and mobile phone users who look for speed, mobility with high productivity. That's why it is undisputed leader in the mobile OS market with Apple's iOS at distant second. The earlier days mobile devices offered a limited number of functions but with the advent of Android based smartphone devices and Development their efficiency and effectiveness have increased with the help of high quality mobile applications.

So many businesses are looking to enhance their market and sales by building and using cutting edge business mobile apps. Android is most suitable to develop a mobile app based on it as it is free, open source and gives low cost entry to companies which develop and launch the mobile apps. The Android mobile operating system is based on Linux kernel and the source code is available to software developers and hardware manufacturers free of cost. Also the IDE to create Android apps is created by Google and is also provided free of cost to the developers of android apps.

There are lots of APIs, code in Java and other languages available which the developers can use to write cutting edge business and enterprise apps which are safe, customizable, reliable, scalable and efficient. Now let's discuss some of the major advantages of writing business apps using Android platform. Android is Open Source Android is open source and freely available. So is the case with its software and tools. It also generates third part applications and alternate marketplaces.

Android's architecture is reliable and it has latest technological framework which guarantee a vibrant developers community developing its apps with innovative ideas and solutions. Huge number of apps have been created and deployed online under the free and judiqq open source licenses offered by Google. Android is Cost Efficient While proprietary products are available at high prices, Android software development tools are free which ensures high return on investment (ROI).

It offers low cost entry barrier to coding, testing and deploying the apps which is very useful.