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One thing Fascinating Happened After Taking Action On These 5 Yepi Suggestions

"Herbert Burnes" (2020-04-15)

One Pure Conjecture Of Swtor Unidentified Clone Trooper
A clone with the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, a clone trooper was bred on the planet Kamino to offer the Galactic Republic alongside his clone brethren inside the ranks of its Grand 21 BBY, the clone trooper taken part in a battle in the world Brentaal IV, during which the Republic attempted to quell an insurgency led by Confederate-allied clan leader Shogar Tok. The loss of Brentaal meant loosing usage of the vital Perlemian Trade Route for that Republic, and also the impeding of passage to the Tion Hegemony. The battle began as soon as the Republic received intelligence bearing the signature of Quinlan Vos, a Jedi Master working undercover as being a criminal named "Korto Vos." The message assured the Republic command that the way was clear with an attack where there will be no resistance from the rebels. Upon receiving these details, the Republic immediately followed with the attack on Brentaal IV. Jedi General Plo Koon oversaw the invasion coming from a Republic fleet in orbit, while Generals Agen Kolar, Shon Kon Ray, and Shaak Ti led the floor forces. The clone trooper fought among Ti's troops in the battle.However, the intelligence report had little to do with reality, along with the Republic army faced heavy resistance from the rebels, who were assisted by Confederate battle droids. Tok himself commanded his troops from a ground fortress, which harassed Republic landing troops with fire from the powerful ion cannons, forcing Koon to recall all remaining landing craft from your surface. The fortress itself was encompassed by an energy shield, protecting it from orbital bombardment. Within the first few moments from the battle, the Republic lost more than a quarter of its forces, including General Kon Ray. As they fought the enemy, Ti, the trooper, and 2 of his comrades were cut-off in the most Ti's forces. Koon then informed Ti of a prison facility located just north of their position. Ti planned to occupy the structure and rally her forces after that. The trooper and his awesome two clone brothers followed the Jedi General to the prison building, witnessing from afar that the battle was raging there.On their way, the 3 witnessed numerous Brentaal rebels moving captured Republic clone troopers. Seeing this being an opportunity, Vos and Autem developed an idea to fool the guards. The trooper posed his or her prisoner, whilst the two moved toward the rebels. Autem, who has been a Senate Guard thereby familiar with how security worked, told the rebels that they and Vos were transporting the "prisoner" for questioning, as well as the rebels let a few through. After that, Vos gave the trooper final directions towards the shield generator, as well as the team broken up. The trooper been able to achieve the generator unnoticed but thought it was heavily guarded; Lyshaa had switched sides and informed Tok from the infiltration teams, and he had alerted the fortress's guards. With time running out, the trooper charged the guards with his blaster rifle blazing, reducing a number of them before being blasted onto the generator core by a shot from the grenade launcher and losing his consciousness from heavy wounds. The guards believed him to be dead and left the generator room, and shortly after that this trooper regained consciousness. Knowing his injuries to become fatal, and determined to finish the mission at any cost, he rigged his blaster to overload and remained seated about the generator Yepi 4 as his weapon blew up, annihilating both him and the generator. That, joined with Vos's and Autem's successful destruction of the cannons, Ti's killing of Tok, and Lyshaa's death by one with the fortress's traps, ensured the conquest of Brentaal IV by the Republic forces.