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The Ulitmate Y8Y8 Trick

"Seymour Mealmaker" (2020-04-15)

Tibia Official Content Fixes
With today's server save, a number of further content fixes were implemented.Killed cobras turned into genuine corpses and can be looted as with any other lootable corpse The corpse of the lancer beetle now seems like... a clicking lancer beetle - we have added the correct corpse sprite to itOn the automap, shallow water is displayed in the bright blue colour to create clear that it is passable NPC Zalamon makes an accident course in communicating, so in the future he should be able to avoid any wordings which are misleading for some fellow TibiansThe experience counter of NPC Grizzly Adams was standardised to make sure that experience points are always rewarded the same way every time a character kills a boss at the end of a hunting task Elite hunters will be unable to do Grizzly Adams' demon task twice anymoreNPC Black Bert presently has technomancer beards in stock for youHaving completed the Demon Oak quest will probably be properly displayed within your quest logTo perform the Annihilator quest, you should be a gaggle of 4 people again - no more, no lessSnowmen which can be built by players now reveal what they are called of their creators whenever you have a look at them Some typos were fixedOn Pythera, several tournaments and contests are actually occurring throughout December, starting from fun wars to scavenger hunts and Y8Y8Y8 trivia contests. Amera and Keltera are still piecing together strong teams to produce a huge secret santa event that is certainly about exchanging presents and Christmas wishes. Also on Amera, it is possible to send funny letters to Santa Claus, and the most funniest ones will probably be awarded. On some worlds, a couple of further events are extremely in the pipeline already and we usually do not know about them yet!Several impressive happenings are beginning the Christmas season this coming year. Check out our event schedule to learn more. We wish almost everyone good luck plus an amusing time with one another!In order to keep this pleasant anticipation going, we decided to make a little Christmas present this time and asked our graphic artist to create a couple of wallpapers committed to the magnificent cities of Carlin, Thais and Yalahar. Pay a visit to our promoted and supported fansites! Some of them, like and , currently have the images on hand.