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Amber Heard's sister Whitney Henriquez backs her in court

"Shona Bulcock" (2020-07-23)

Amber Heard's sister today passionately backed her sibling on the stand and said Johnny Depp repeatedly attacked her - including on one occasion when she saw the actor grab her by the hair and hit her in the face.

page1-93px-STUMBLING_ONTO_SMUT-_THE_ALARWhitney Henriquez said she witnessed the so-called 'stairs incident' in March 2015 and described how a drunken Depp nearly pushed her down the stairs at the couple's penthouse apartment in Los Angeles when she intervened in an argument.

Mr Henriquez claimed he struck her on the arm while at the top of a staircase, causing Heard to say 'don't hit my sister' and hit him back. She said Depp then 'really went for Amber', adding that she was 'standing right there next to them when Johnny grabbed her by the hair with one hand and I saw him punch her really hard in the head'. 

In a wide-ranging testimony, the sister said Depp would insult Heard and say he loved her in the same sentence 'with equal amounts of passion', telling her: 'F***ing ugly c**t, you fat w***e… but God I f***ing love you'.

Among her other claims heard at the High Court in London today during Depp's sensational libel trial were that:

She was 'shocked' at how much weight Heard had lost and that she had been suffering from anxiety attacks;

Depp's assistant Nathan Holmes was so desperate to get him on set that he 'even took Johnny's drugs';

Depp accused her of leaking and selling stories to the media about the couple to her People journalist friend;

She was described as their 'marriage counsellor' while living in one of five penthouses owned by Depp in LA;

Depp did not like Heard working and said the actress would not take the credit card he wanted to give her;

She 'begged' Heard not to marry Depp, saying him putting a ring on her 'was not going to stop him hitting her'.

The hotel banquet manager was living with the couple in Los Angeles in March 2013 when Depp began arguing with Heard after the actress claimed he had been cheating on her with a woman called Rochelle Hathaway.

She claimed that Depp was drinking whisky in the kitchen with an almost empty bottle in one hand, even though his 'sobriety nurse' Debbie Lloyd was also there, and he was swearing about Heard but 'not making much sense'.

Heard came in and was on the mezzanine level allegedly screaming 'f*** you' at him while Depp was on the ground floor, also screaming verbal abuse, saying she was a 'w***e' and 'an ugly old c**t', according to Ms Henriquez.

Amber Heard's sister Whitney Henriquez (left) and Heard (right) are both pictured arriving at London's High Court today

Ms Henriquez said that she then went upstairs to try to calm Heard down, while Depp was still on the ground floor with both of his security guards and threw a Red Bull can at the sisters, which hit Ms Lloyd. He allegedly shouted 'f*** you b****es, you c***s' and then started coming up the stairs towards them while yelling.

Ms Henriquez said: 'He came up the stairs from the kitchen to the mezzanine level. I was on the top of the stairs at the mezzanine level and I stood with my back to the stairs, facing Amber but between them. I remember being worried that I was near the edge of the top of the stairs. 

'When he got to the top of the stairs, he was pulling me backwards so he could get to Amber. I remember being scared because I was worried that I would fall backwards and fall down the stairs. Johnny reached out to shove me out of the way to lunge at Amber - reaching out to try hit Amber - and instead struck me, hitting me in the arm.

'Amber suddenly lurched forward and hit him and said, 'don't hit my sister'. I didn't see exactly how Amber hit him but it didn't seem especially hard; it was just enough for him to lose momentum. She was just trying to protect me and I think it probably stopped me from being pushed down the stairs. 

'There was a struggle with me stuck in the middle of it, and he really went for Amber. Somehow I was pushed out of the way so I wasn't between them, but I was standing right there next to them when Johnny grabbed her by the hair with one hand and I saw him punch her really hard in the head with his other hand multiple times.





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'I was trying to push my way in between them to stop Johnny from hitting Amber when Travis, Johnny's security guard, stepped in to pull them apart. The security guards had been at bottom of the staircase; only then they intervened. We were separated and I immediately took Amber back into my apartment to make sure she was OK.'

She said she could hear 'someone breaking and smashing things, and Johnny screaming 'f***ing c**t', 'you f***ing w***e, I hate you'.' The next morning Ms Henriquez returned to the apartment and saw the 'place had been ransacked; shelves had been ripped off the wall and racks of Amber's clothes had been pulled over'.

She added: 'Things were taken out of boxes and thrown around all over the place. I took photos of the damage and had a text message exchange with Kevin Murphy, the estate manager. It was Kevin's job to repair that sort of thing. By the afternoon, it was cleaned up as if nothing had happened.'

It came as Heard concluded her evidence about 14 allegations of domestic violence today. The Sun's publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) is relying on Heard's allegations in its defence of an April 2018 article that called Depp a 'wife beater'. As the biggest English libel trial of the 21st century continued today, the court was also told: 

Depp hit Heard with his hand, which caused her blood to hit the wall after an argument about a painting;

She told her mother she was 'on hour 24 of his bender' after Depp was snorting cocaine and child porn drinking whisky;

Depp wanted her to admit an affair with 'Tasya van Ree, my ex-partner, but also a gentleman I hardly knew'; 

Heard claimed she only broke a bottle despite widespread damage being found throughout their house;  

Depp held a bottle up against Heard's face - and there 'was so much glass on the floor', she has claimed.

Ms Henriquez also told how she 'begged' Heard not to go through with the marriage, telling her 'him (Depp) putting a ring on her finger was not going to stop him hitting her'.

In a written witness statement in Depp's libel case against The Sun newspaper, Ms Henriquez said when she first met the Pirates Of The Caribbean star, he seemed 'very sweet' and she was 'surprised how much I liked him'.

Johnny Depp waves as he arrives to attend his libel trial against News Group Newspapers at the High Court in London today

The pair became close, 'like brother and sister', she claimed, with Depp calling her 'sis'. But Ms Henriquez also said her sister's relationship with the actor was 'tumultuous from the start'.

Her statement said: 'I wasn't aware of violence at the beginning, but I do remember Amber talking about them having big fights and being concerned for my sister.