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Torrent of raw sewage spills on Acapulco beach in front of tourists

"Mitchel Hibbard" (2020-07-30)

This is the 'nauseating' moment a torrent of raw sewage spilled across the beach in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco in front of horrified hotel guests.

Tourists, who captured the spill on their mobile phones on Thursday last week, said it lasted around 25 minutes and left the air 'very stinky'.

Officials said the discharge was likely caused by drains that had broken amid heavy rains which had caused flooding in the area.

Tourists in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco captured the 'nauseating' moment raw sewage spilled across the beach and 비긴 어게인 영화 다시 보기 into the ocean

But the state environment agency is now probing the incident, with investigators calling for it to be treated as a federal crime.

Authorities said state officials have been dispatched to the area to clean nearby drainage channels.

Locals have complained for years of leaky sewage pipes regularly sending untreated waste into Acapulco Bay.


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Reuters on Tuesday visited the site of a dark sewer leak coming from under a pedestrian bridge near another beach-front hotel off Marbella Plaza, draining into the bay where rolling waves could be seen in the distance.

Nestled on Mexico's sun-kissed Pacific Coast, Acapulco was once a favorite getaway for Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor. 

But in recent years, its tourist industry has been hobbled by gangland violence that has driven away most international tourists and more recently by an acute coronavirus outbreak.

Witnesses said the spill lasted for about 25 minutes.

The environment agency is now investigating and is calling for it to be treated as a federal crime