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How to Create a Powerful Online Presence Report (Free Template)

"Maximo Stapleton" (2020-08-17)

Have you ever found yourself wondering why: 

  • Prospects Couldn’t find you on Google?

  • Do your competitors seem to show up for your Money keywords?

  • Your website doesn’t generate traffic and lead?

  • The only way to generate leads is to pay for expensive advertising?

This report can give you a way to beat the odds and improve your online presence. Once we conduct an audit of your online presence, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to focus on. You will have a clear list of top priority items in your .

An online presence report will give you more insight into your current online marketing efforts. The report will cover: 

Online Reviews
Domain Analysis
Technical Website Review
Competitive Landscape
Social Media Presence
Local Presence

Let’s dive into each category to see how they affect your online presence, and how improving all aspects will generate more leads. 
Online Reputation Review
First, we start with your current reputation online by looking at the reviews on Google, Yelp and other relevant platforms. Managing your online reputation is more important than ever. People trust reviews and ratings from fellow consumers and are more likely to click your website when they see social proof. 
We can help you manage your online reputation, whether there are any you need to deal with, or if you have no customer feedback at all. Once we know what is being said about your company online, we can create a plan to increase positive reviews, respond appropriately to any negative ones, and promote a quality brand reputation.