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"Hassie Orta" (2020-08-25)

【品牌简讯】这几张指板细节照片来自Ryan新上架的几把吉他。建议大家放大图片多看两眼,看得越多越能增加——你看指板的经验[二哈][摊手] Ryan Guitars

Established on August 20, 2007, Qingdao Guitar Square Trading Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of high-end acoustic guitars and accessories for 12 years.

Guitar Square provides high-quality one-stop service for music lovers by offering main services like the sales and repairs of acoustic guitars and accessories, modern music education, live performances of the band, as well as album recordings, MV shooting, book publishing, and others.

Guitar Square Music School is located at No. 30 Taiqing Rd, Qingdao. By engaging Italian guitar virtuoso Gavino Loche and Taiwanese musical educator Cai Wenzhan as tutors, Guitar Square introduces the international advanced music educational system to Qingdao. Guitar Square offers music courses in piano, guitar, _rnd1596614123831 keyboard, drum set, and ukulele, etc. to give music lovers access to systematic and efficient learning.