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PokerStars for a Living

"Kala Sigler" (2018-12-06)

If you can make money out of it, you can make it your living. It's not recommended to quit your daily job and begin playing poker if you don't have a talent for it, but if you are one of those who always have a lot of money in the end of the game, you are probably suitable to make poker your primary income. It is far from everyone who is constantly able to walk away from a poker table with a lot more cash than they had when they first entered the game, and it isn't every professional who does it either, but some do, and it would be some kind of disaster if that kind of people just sits as a check-out assistant at the local grocery and makes less than $15 an hour.

www.killerbeesting.usHow do you make PokerStars your primary source for money? If the answer was just as clear as the question, a lot of poker players would quit their jobs, but first of all you need to practice poker. Practice is a good tool for everything including poker when you want to master something. Practice against skilled players as well as unskilled players. You should practice against unskilled players, both because you need to know how they act in certain situations, but also because they can be easy targets and therefore also players which can easily supply you with more money.

Unskilled players act weird at a poker table, because they are really inpredictable in their behaviour and could at any time raise when your just expect it the least. Some players have managed to make poker their primary source of income. Among those is the well known face of Daniel Negreanu who has been sponsored by PokerStars for many years. Also newcomers such as the talented and notorious "Isildur1" are one of PokerStars' famous players that can be found playing at PokerStars' online tables.

If you want to play with them, you might need to raise your stakes to the highest possible. To master online poker, is not the same as mastering poker at real tables in casinos or other kinds of tournament poker. When you play online, you have no chance to get tells from your opponents, which make online poker far less psychological than in the casinos. That doesn't mean, however, that there are no psychological aspects in online poker at all.

Online poker is about making calculations inside your head and making decisions all the time, and if you're not in a good psychological mood, you are likely to have a bad poker day, and one loss can become fatal if you can't win the money back, so if you have a bad day you might consider doing other things than online poker. An easy way to quick success at online poker is a little legal money boost. The online poker rooms offer some kind of bonus, which you can get when you sign up.

If you aren't signed up at PokerStars yet, you can get extra cash you can spend at the table for free, also known as PokerStars bonus code or PokerStars marketing code.

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