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Famous wildlife photographers you should read about

"Samira Herrick" (2019-06-02)

There are very few professions out there that can match the excitement and thrill of wildlife photography. From visiting remote places to clicking photographs of wild animals in close proximity, wildlife photographers have to be in a constant state of awareness in anticipation of clicking the right moment. The perfect picture gives their work the credibility and recognition that these photographers deserve for undertaking such difficult trips. The obsession over taking these trips and yearning for the ideal photograph has spawned so many successful careers in wildlife photography.

These wildlife photographers travelled far and wide to capture the insane photographs of flora and fauna. These photographs have been publicly shared and appreciated, as well as displayed in various museums. Not only that, but their lifes work also makes for interesting stories. Stories that budding wildlife photographers like you, graduating from photography colleges in Pune or elsewhere, should read about. It will make you connect with their experiences. To get you on board with this idea, lets learn about a few of these famous wildlife photographers.

1. Martin Bailey

A few years ago, a famous photo of a group of Japanese macaque monkeys, holding themselves together to be warm in the snow, circulated on the internet. It created quite an impression on the people, and they started searching for the person behind this piece of art. The photo was clicked by none other than Martin Bailey, a Tokyo-based nature and wildlife photographer. It was one of the many photos he had clicked for his first solo exhibition "The Nature of Japan" which was held in Aoyama, Tokyo, in December 2010. The event earned him worldwide recognition and led to more work opportunities in Europe, Africa and various other continents.

The opportunities were a blessing in disguise for him, as travelling to different various places fuels his passion for wildlife photography. He always looks to share this passion with other photographers by inviting them to his travels, or by communicating to a broader audience through his podcast. To pay tribute to his enthusiasm for wildlife photography, Martins work has been published in many journals and magazines. You can check them out at his website - website

2. Frans Lanting

The brand we hugely associate with nature and animals is National Geographic. After all, we spent our entire childhood watching their various programmes and be in awe about their production quality. They hire the best professionals to produce quality content for their viewers. Frans Lanting is one of them. Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Lanting is a National Geographic photographer and made a name for himself through his extraordinary range of work. It includes photography in the Amazon basin, Africa and Antarctica, and exhibiting it in various museums and literature festivals. Through his work, tour bắc kinh Lanting promoted the understanding of the Earth and its natural history via the wildlife images he documented for three decades from the Amazon to Antarctica. His photographs displayed his passion for nature and his marvel for the planets diversity. It inspired a lot of books and magazines to publish his work around the world.

For tour bắc kinh his detailed coverage of the above continents, Fran is hailed as one of the best wildlife photographers of all time.

3. Rathika Ramasamy

What started as a part-time hobby to click pictures of birds and flowers with the camera gifted by her uncle became a full-fledged career for Rathika Ramaswamy. The transition happened as she developed a fascination with birds and their behavioural patterns. To pursue a career in her newfound interest, Rathika started regularly visiting the Okhla Bird Sanctuary to know more about birds and also to improve her photography skills. Her regular visits there inspired her to visit different places and countries. Therefore, she made trips to various cities in India, as well as visited the wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya and Tanzania. Her experiences in India and abroad sharpened her photography skills, enriched her work and made her feature in various exhibitions. In one of them, she exhibited "Birds of India", which earned her the distinction of being the only woman to feature in the top 20 best photographers of India in 2008. Her achievements paved the way for more women to take up wildlife photography has a serious career option.

For her contribution to wildlife photography, Rathika Ramasamy is rightly called the "first Indian woman to strike an international reputation as a wildlife photographer".

These are some of the famous wildlife photographers, still at the top of their game. I hope you enjoyed reading about them. You will learn about more wildlife photographers in your photography degree in India. Learn as much as you can and apply their vast knowledge in your work. You will undoubtedly notice the positive changes in your photography style. All the best!