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Process to Apply For L-1 Intra Corporate Transferee Visa

"Ashli Chapin" (2019-06-05)

Overview of L1 visa

The L1 visa is a nonimmigrant and famous work visa in the us and Canada because it is easily apply and once it is obtained, the L1 visa is suitable for employees of U.S and Canadian companies who are being transferred by their current employer to enter into the U.S. to handle organization or a major function or division of an organization. 

Documents required for L-1 Visa Application

Fill up dịch vụ xin visa trung quốc application Form DS-156

Current passport size photograph, 50mm X 50mm of each applicant showing full face without head covering against a light background

A passport, dịch vụ xin visa trung quốc valid for travel to the U.S. for at least six months longer than your intended visit

Employee copy of Form I-797 Approval Notice

Copy of Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant visa. This petition is filed with the USCIS by your employer
Eligibility for L-1 Visa

Any Employer who has worked for company since at least last one year as Manager or Executive in the preceding three years may qualify as L1 Executive.  

Benefits of the L1 Visa

Your spouse can apply for a work permit by filing Form I-765 and engage in employment

The spouse and children under 21 are allowed to accompany the L-1 visa holder during the period of the transferee status. The Spouse may receive work authorization.

Your dependents can live with you in the U.S.

In limited circumstances, it may be possible to convert the L-1 visa for executives and managers to lawful permanent residence status.

L-1 visas are granted initially for 1 to three years with extensions available in three-year increments, with a total stay not to exceed seven years.

You may legitimately come to the U.S. as an L1 intra-company transferee and at the same time, lawfully seek to become a permanent resident

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service usually decide petitions in 30-60 days.

The intra-company transferee is allowed to work for the U.S. subsidiary or affiliate company. 

You can freely travel in and out of the U.S. while on a valid L1 visa
Limitations of the L1 Visa 

L-1 visa holders may remain only as long as the U.S. Company qualifies as the same company or subsidiary or affiliate status with the foreign company.

There must be continual existence of the foreign company during the transferee's stay in the U.S. 

L-1 visas may not be extended beyond a total of seven years. 

The spouse and children are allowed to reside in the U.S. The Spouse may receive work authorization. There is currently no work authorization provision for children (just spouses).

New employees may not be transferred prior to serving one year abroad as an executive, manager, or specialized skill employee of the foreign parent company.