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The Car DVD China Invasion: Who Really Benefits From China-Made Car DVDs?

"Joyce Aponte" (2019-06-19)

Unless you're deaf dumb and blind there's a good chance that you've heard of the impact that China car DVD players are making on the world. But are they really as good as sales figures indicate they are and are they really beneficial for resellers?

If you get your selection process right and tour phượng hoàng cổ trấn make sure the presentation and sales pitch is right then you'd better believe it.

But what is all this excitement about anyway?

Customers are expected to splurge close to half a billion dollars on Car DVD players this year. More than 80% of that will go to DVD players manufactured in China.

These non-brand players have virtually swept aside big brands like Sony, Blaupunkt, Kenwood among others in this product category.

China-made car DVD players lead in innovative product development, multiplicity of designs and most importantly price.

The only chore resellers face really when sourcing car DVD units is which one to pick, from which sites/suppliers.

Most of the major china-sourcing sites list a cornucopia of Car DVD players and manufacturers.

At last count there were more than 21,000 models of Car DVD players that could be soured out of China.

So why has demand and supply of China made car DVD units exploded?

Largely it is on the back of developments within the auto electrical industry in China which has enabled 'no name' manufacturers to take the lead against established brands.

Here are some ways that China automotive DVD players have beaten the pants of  'brand name' DVDs:

Product Variation and Innovation: From simple 1-DIN DVD players to complex multi-screen units that come with GPS navigation systems, Bluetooth and powerful speakers and amps, the range of products available from China manufacturers is enough to make a buyers' head spin.

Compared to this, most of the major electronics manufacturers have two or three very limited models available. These come nowhere near the variety and innovation available from China-made products.

Price: Always a major factor with China made products. Most products enjoy at least a 30-40% landed cost benefit over the major brands.

Add in the product variation and you have a winning combination which no buyer can resist. It also means you have greater pricing and bundling flexibility to make that killer combo.

Quality and Guarantee: It is now possible to assure your customers of the quality of China-made products. Websites like Chinavasion actually offer a one-year warranty on all products sold.

Dropshipping: An increasing number of China suppliers are able to provide wholesale dropship services. The concept of dropshipping is emerging as a major business innovation and boon to most resellers.

What this means is you do not have to carry any stock whatsoever. Just list the products in your shop, do the marketing and get in the customers.

The product will be shipped direct to your customer from China when the order is placed.

So how do you translate these benefits into sales?

The best way to make large profits off China car DVD players is by making a compelling sales story.

With over 12,000 product listings on eBay for car DVD players, just setting up a store of great products is not enough. These are some things that will help push up sales in your store:

Range: tour phượng hoàng cổ trấn Having a range of products at various price and feature points is one way of getting in more customers and increasing your sales.

Photos and Videos: Good quality pictures and if possible videos are a good substitute for actually touching and feeling a product. Ensure you have enough pictures of the product.

Descriptions:  Great sales copy goes a long way in making the sale. Describe the product in detail and highlight its primary USP. It's also important to have a detailed features list.

FAQs: On every aspect of the Car DVD, why China made players make a good bargain, installation tips etc., show you care as much about the customer as about making the sale.

Get out there now and check out the range of automotive car DVD players and find out how you can make money from this profitable invasion.