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A Secret Weapon For Friv.Com

por Maynard Deyoung (2019-06-24)

80px-160713_%ED%98%9C%EB%AF%B8_01.jpgJenguu Game Review
Many match-3 games had already graced the vast library of casual gaming but most of which aren?t really unique enough regarding gameplay mechanics. Knowing that, it?s simple to claim that Jenguu is but one unique game, employing mechanics showing us the vast unexplored potential of match-3.

The setting in the game comes about inside the Amazon, as Dr. Zeus Chaplin is summoned by his friend, Hera over a mission for discover the most loved artifact, Jenguu. Your mission would be to collect all the parts in the map ultimately causing this artifact, solving puzzles along the way. Of course, it won?t be as easy as it sounds since with a broken map, you will need the assistance of many with the locals while looking to steer clear of the dangers that await the duo.

Jenguu is match-3 however its mechanics less complicated not the same as what we are utilized to playing because of this genre. In each level, Friv 247 you're assigned pillars and blocks constantly falling from nowhere and filling them up. Your task is to stack same-colored blocks as a way from largest to smallest until such time how the base of a pillar fires up. Clicking the bottom afterwards will blast away the stacked blocks, thus collecting the pad representing the sort of block which had been blown off.

Making double stacks before blowing them off are worth more points and coins, however the best points can be achieved start by making a Jenguu. A Jenguu is simply categories of three stacks which you make on the single pillar before blowing the crooks to smithereens. Earn enough coins and you will then buy upgrades for power-ups that is available in the shopping part in the game after each level.

Each pillar is only able to support ten blocks though, when it fills up, vines will grow around the pillar that will render it useless for the rest from the level. You must avoid this at all cost since in every level, you need to complete specific tasks assigned that you should complete inside a time limit. You must imagine that creating a Jenguu happens to be a pain. Just once you had already stacked nine blocks, a random falling block can foil all your plans and in many cases cripple your chances for the rest in the level.