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3 Tips For Abcya Games

"Dale Marquardt" (2019-07-03)

The Second Class Runescape Production Technology
7. Then go to town during the owner buy 2 for camels, give him 1,000 COINS camel after he'll almost certainly give you two camels receipt (camel receipts).8. To help a camel each receipt, but it doesn't exactly what the role.9. Now you find you need to join one of the help. Go ahead with Ali talk again operator, is it possible to talk about to join them, he'll almost certainly enable you to. First you must steal three town residents (villages).The first inhabitants with common gimmick to steal. The residents inside operator asked Ali back before top tips, he'll almost certainly allow you to bother those residents in first then steal. Now to obtain the play, gave him ten gold to let him go, a bother to steal the head using the arrow. In the third residents ahead of the operator asked Ali again some tips, he will present you with a stun. Use this stun rod, and stun a resident in him. If people cannot too much to lure the residents with a person's place, then no hands.11. The operator of Ali second test is to permit you to steal mayor of jewelry. He will provide you with a mayor room key. Now using the false beard of hats to make a mask, then go on it and then any kind of gloves. Hide inside big house next mayor cactus, found no man behind your home with key when.12. The stairs, search the image, will find a safe box. The password is 1,1,2,3,5,8. Password wheel is like a table, in the right side is 1. To steal the jewels Ali returned after the first 2 test operator.13. The operator allows you to Ali close to discover a thief (the traitor treason. Menophites Thug with another man, he would explain how treason thief should be Traitorous Ali. The operator speaking with Ali, he'll almost certainly enable you to check out kill the treason thief.14 now go with a Kebab vendor chilli sauce (hot). Camels store on camels to food, then make use of the bucket with chili to pack it a camel dung (dung). The green waste just isn't installed, require is brown.15 then returned on the inn. In the pub behind a flute that snake charmers snake dance (.). In his pockets, and then put some COINS, he can give you a flute as well as a basket. Go to the western desert town of some snakes), snake (118alued for Abcya Games snake flute will automatically following your snake to your basket.16) with excrement and desert snake to get the Hag Ali in goods store near the hill, then she will offer you a bottle of poison to kill the traitors.17. Back to hotel, ask the barmaid Ali about Traitorous Ali, he said to check out the toilet Traitorous Ali, his beer available. In beer with poison, and after that returned on the operator Ali.Ali as well as the operator permits you to find their leaders, he'd appear in the doorway from the tent. After speaking with him you selected to kill him, he'll to produce level 75 people show you hit and killed him.The residents of the town to speak, they very angry since you break the balance of power in town. Next, you should speak, he helped lead bandits emit a 72 level together with you, bandits kill him too.And again, nonetheless they consult with residents or unhappy. Then using the mayor speak, for I know the mayor in what you do is satisfied, he'll let you know about some in the things Morrisane Ali nephew, finally returned to kharid Ali Al - from Morrisane after rewards