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Do Women Have A Midlife Crisis?

"Shiela Dockery" (2020-07-25)


Do women have a midlife crisis? Okay if I'm going to get straight to the point I think the answer has to be yes. Of course it's different to the male form of a midlife crisis or certainly what we perceive it to be, for example I don't think you will see many women in their 40s heading out to buy that Porsche they have always dreamed of owning since there were 21 but there are definitely some similar impulses.

I do believe that this type of situation and 여성불감증 효과 journey for women is just as important and complex as their male counterparts.

There are many different forms of this type of crisis but the most common factor that threads its way from one lady to the next has to be the irrational fear of getting older or getting old too quickly. People can often feel like they are desperately trying to hang onto their younger appearance, some women even claim that they almost feel invisible to the opposite sex during this period.

For the family woman, especially as the youngest siblings flee the nest, a huge psychological hole can be left unfilled as that mothering instinct is no longer needed on a daily basis in the family home. For single ladies they can feel an overwhelming pressure to find 'Mr. Right', even down to an extent where they feel there is something wrong with them if they are not married and settled down by their 40s.

Obviously all of these challenges can be extremely difficult to face especially when you have no guidance or game plan to help you through this period of time. It's almost as if the clock is ticking, time is running out and there's nothing you can do about it.

However now is the time to change your mindset and embrace this period of change? It's absolutely possible to turn this crisis into a moment of opportunity. It's absolutely possible for you to stop bending over backwards, pleasing everyone else first and conforming to societies rules are as to who you should and should not be.

Going through a midlife crisis can give you an excellent moment of reflection and better still the motivation to plan for the future, creating opportunity to drive your life forward in the direction you have always wanted to go. Is there a better moment in time than this to become who you truly want to be and find real inner peace?

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