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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Air Conditioner

por Karri McConachy (2020-07-12)

Indoor air quality refers to the comfort and quality of the air within your home.
Air quality takes into consideration factors similar to temperature, humidity, and also the variety of particles (natural or manmade) in your cooling system. Poor indoor air quality is related to lower levels of comfort and bound health issues similar to allergies and bronchial asthma.

However, poor indoor quality may also take its toll on your cooling, moving the manner this appliance functions over each the short and future.

Increased Strain-

Airborne particles, such as dirt, pollen, animal dander, and even bacteria or viruses, will cause another strain on your cooling system.

Once you're cooling pulls air sure cooling, it will therefore through a vent lined by your chamber filter. This filter is intended to trap particles and stop them from reaching your air conditioner; so, the additional particles that are trapped by the filter, the less space remains for incoming air to flow through it.
Once the quality in your house is poor, your chamber filter can become clogged quickly; unless the filter is replaced additional often, your cooling can perpetually strain to drag in air, inflicting problems similar to high energy consumption and blower motor burnout.

Ice Formation-

One of the foremost common causes of ice formation on cooling coils is poor indoor air quality. A reduced flow of cooling through a clogged filter will simply couple with dirt buildup on the coils to have an effect on the air conditioners ability to chill effectively, raising native wetness levels and inflicting wetness to create, that then freezes into ice on the coils.

Ice on your cooling coils won't only any scale back the appliance's cooling capability, it may also soften and cause water harm or mold growth within the space around your cooling.

Electrical Shorts-

Even if your chamber filter is functioning regularly to cut back the number of mobile particles in your home, to a fault dirty air means some particles can still build it through the filter and into your cooling.

Over time, these particles settle throughout the inside of the appliance, coating it and touching its ability to perform properly. Dirty electrical elements are additional probably to expertise shorts or different problems, inflicting your cooling to prevent operating utterly and requiring skilled repair to revive indoor comfort.

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