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Inside German student's illegal tour of the Australian Museum

"Dillon Nicholas" (2020-07-15)

A German student who went on an illegal self-guided tour of the Australian Museum has blamed alcohol for the bizarre break-in.

Paul Kuhn, 25, has been given a 12-month Community Corrections Order and a $500 fine for his late-night break-in at the museum in central Sydney on May 10.

A court has heard how Kuhn was fuelled by booze when he decided to climb the scaffolding into the building, entering through a fire escape door at 1.10am.

German student Paul Kuhn (pictured) is accused of breaking into the Australian Museum in Sydney on May 10

Police claim he walked through multiple levels and taking selfies with exhibits (pictured, the intruder taking a selfie with the skull of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex)


2 years ago
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The international student wandered through various levels of the building, which is currently under renovation - taking selfies with multiple exhibits.

At one point he stuck his head inside a dinosaur skull to take a selfie.
When he finally left the museum he stole a framed painting and an Akubra hat.

Ahead of sentencing in Downing Centre Local Court, Kuhn's lawyer Steven Mercael said his client had no intention to cause harm or steal any valuable items.

He said Kuhn's escapades were fuelled by alcohol. 

Mr Mercael also claimed his client had gone into the museum because he had been unable to find a way down after climbing the scaffolding. 

The man was caught on CCTV taking a cowboy hat from a hat stand before putting it on his head (pictured) on May 10

He said his client had since called the museum to apologise.

Kuhn had been in Australia for more than two years and hoped to stay longer, he said. 

Magistrate Jennifer Price said the need to protect the community and its assets was paramount.

Despite Kuan's 'general good character and lack of criminal record' a conviction was recorded to deter others from committing similar crimes, she said.  

Paul Kuhn (pictured) was granted bail and will next appear in court on June 1, poker online uang asli charged with breaking and entering after an incident on May 10

Paul Kuhn (pictured) claims to be a 'hustler' who 'doesn't need to work', and has lived in Australia for two years