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Kayaker left stranded under waterfall as his boat gets stuck on rock 

"Dawn Cookson" (2020-07-16)


A kayaker became trapped with a torrent of water crashing down onto his head in a terrifying ordeal when he tried to follow his friends down a waterfall.

Footage recorded in San Luis Potosi, central Mexico, shows a group of five kayakers taking turns descending a small waterfall.

Things start out ok as four adventurers safely descend the drop, but the fifth member of their group runs into some problems.

The last kayaker in a  group of five attempts to follow his friends down a small waterfell in San Luis Potosi, central Mexico, as his friend records from a distance

The fifth kayaker is left helpless as his boat becomes wedged on a rock behind the surface of the waterfall.

His head is stuck under the water and he is unable to move 

The man filming sees his friend trapped under the falling water and paddles to a rocky ledge at the base of the waterfall to help

As he starts to drop down the waterfall his boat gets caught on a rock behind the surface of the falling water.

The kayaker is left stranded underneath the torrent of water which falls on top of his head.

The person filming paddles back to the base of the waterfall and climbs out of his boat onto a rock ledge and leans out to try and dislodge his friend.

He helps his friend to jump out of his boat and both men end up falling into the river and flowing downstream.

The man filming calls out: ‘Are you alright?'


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The trapped paddler is eventually freed and flows down river and 토렌트 순위 2020 confirms he is ok when asked if he is alright

The rescuer is given a lift by another friend back to his kayak which is still perched on the rocky ledge

His friend confirms he is ok and the rescuer then swims back towards his boat which had been left on the rock ledge.

Speaking after the terrifying incident, one of the kayakers said: ‘It was a fun day of rowing with friends like any other but at the moment we found a small jump that at first glance we did not think was so dangerous.

‘The problem was that behind the waterfall was a stone that completely blocked one of my friends and was trapped him giving us a few moments of suspense.'

The video was recorded on November 22, 2018 but has recently resurfaced.