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"Luca Vanwagenen" (2020-07-21)

What's the best solution for sleep issue with new awesome wife.?I'm a fairly light sleeper and my wife has to get up significantly earlier than I do, which is not a problem in that I could just go to bed earlier. However, she falls mostly asleep by watching television and then coming to bed. Due to the fact that we have a fairly small creaky bed, I typically either can't sleep until she comes to bed, or I wake up when she comes to bed, which leaves me with a lack of enough sleep. I'm just wondering what the best solution would be.
"The No-cry Sleep Solution": Did this book work for you?Please only answer if you have read the book. Did the suggestions in this book work for you, or did you use a different approach to helping baby sleep better? If the book helped you, what in particular worked well for you? If the book didn't help, what did you end up doing? (We're using some tips with our 6 month old & I just wondered if this book was helpful to people or not. We just started so I can't say yet for myself.) Thank you for your thoughts!!
Im looking for a free download/ pdf of the book No Cry Sleep Solution?'ve been looking around but cant find one, does anyone have a link or a copy of an ebook they could email me? thanks i've been looking around but cant find one, does anyone have a link or a copy of an ebook they could email me? thanks i cant get a library copy, my library card was stolen and used and i'm not permitted to borrow anymore. otherwise, i of course would.
Anyone tried the no-cry sleep solution for toddlers?Want to try it out but want to hear other experiences from parents of toddlers (18-36 months please). Let me know what your experiences are based on the new book too. Thanks! Additional details: I don't believe in letting my daughter cry it out. She has co-slept with me since birth and I've been trying to gently transition her to her own bed for the last 3 months. I don't care if she ends up in bed with me halfway through the night. I want to go through the nighttime routine, read her stories, say goodnight and be able to walk away and get on with my evening. I haven't accomplished that yet since I won't spank her or punish her in any way for getting out of bed.
What's the Difference In No Cry Solution & Ferber Method-Sleep Trainng?Aren't they ALL pretty much: put baby down drowsy & continue to check in on them every 5-10 minutes until baby has fallen asleep, implement a bed time routine, etc? What's a good age to start trying to have babies learn to self sooth & fall asleep without being rocked? I personally love rocking my 3 month old but don't want to create a horrible habit that will be hard on us later. Thoughts?
The no cry sleep solution?For those of you who have read the No Cry Sleep Solution, what piece of advice did you find most helpful. I co-sleep with my 4 month old baby and he go's to sleep breastfeeding. What kind of day and night time routine worked for you and did you coninue to co-sleep or did you start putting baby in their own cot, how did you manage to achieve this?
Fed up with everyone's sleep solution for children!?First, I am a first-time mother of a wonderful, funny, adorable 7 month old baby boy. We began by breastfeeding and cosleeping. Due to various reasons, I decided to go ahead and crib train him around 5 months. I work fulltime and so I couldn't keep up with the breastfeeding - the main reason why we coslept. So, already knowing I was totally against Ferber, I decided to read the good night, sleep tight sleep solution book that advocates putting them down while they are still awake but drowsy. I picked up on the setting a good routine and now my little one wakes at 7:30 (like clockwork) and usually takes 3 thirty minutes naps a day. He is usually always fed, bathed and in bed between 7:00 and 7:30. But now, the lay down while still drowsy thing doesn't work and he's been getting up for two hours at a time anywhere between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. So I've started rocking him back to sleep. Except it takes like 20 minutes or more to get him back to sleep or we fight for a good hour early in the morning. I guess I'm just so frustrated one, because I'm not getting alot of sleep but really, I kindof feel like a failure because EVERYTHING I read says put them to sleep while they're drowsy or you're gonna regret it later or letting them soothe themselves to sleep builds self-confidence or I'm creating a negative sleep association or bad habit if I rock them to sleep. I mean, really?!? What do people think people BEFORE the internet did when they're kids wouldn't go to sleep, just lay them there and let them scream?? Is there ANYONE else that feels that way or that still rocks their kids to sleep? Or more specifically, has anyone's kids around 6-7 months started waking up for 1.5-2 hours in the early morning and wouldn't go back to sleep? The only thing I can think is he's started pulling himself up and standing. I've read that when kiddos discover new things, it can disturb their sleep patterns. And btw, he's fed and changed when he wakes up for that long stretch.
No cry sleep solution?I am thinking about trying this method for my 7 month old he doesnt sleep at night. he never ever has I probably get about 4 hours of sleep in total every night. hes well fed. changed. comfortable but still he wakes up screaming... he knows how to self soothe. he just doesnt want to right now i think it might be his teeth. well idk. he doesnt seem to be in pain because i give him orajel and tylenol and he is still screaming anyway, have you tried the no cry sleep solution? also, do you have any advice? i dont feed him. he doesnt even want to eat and yes i have a routine and a night light. he just doesnt want to sleep. he would rather scream i guess. he doesnt even sleep better in my bed with me. TRINITY: I was asking for advice..not bragging. I tried CIO. I hated it. It didnt work for my son. He would get so angry and upset that he would choke. I would go in there every 5-10 min to calm him and the second he was calm, I left, he would start up again but even worse. I was in tears also so I decided to stop.
Have you used any "sleep solution" books, and have they worked?My son is 13 weeks old right now and is sleeping 4 hours max at a time. His norm is actually about 2 hours and then he wakes up to eat/play. It's not so bad considering he used to only sleep for 1-1.5 hours, but the problem we're having is keeping him asleep for a longer period of time. I read on this board all the time about some miracle babies who sleep the whole night and I was wondering if the parents used a book or not or if they were just blessed with a good sleeper? I've been researching, and have heard about this "No cry sleep solution" book, and "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" book, and of course the ever so infamous ferberizing book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems". I was just wondering if anybody actually bought, read and used methods from a sleep book, and if it worked or if it's worth the money/time to read it. I'm not so comfortable with the whole CIO method, but I'm interested in hearing if it works or not.
Details about the sleep solution?It is based in several technologies: 1. Far-infrared fibers are constantly absorbing energy and reflecting it as gentle warmth. The result is that the body is kept at the right temperature. Apart from being ideal, that eliminates one of the possible cause of awaking during sleep. 2. Dual-density nodules that create a gentle massaging effect. It’s soothing, passive stimulation — no external power source is required. Every time you move in your sleep, the nodules help to ease tension. It not only helps you get to sleep — you wake up feeling as if you just had an invigorating massage. 3. Ionic technology. Negative oxygen ions occur naturally in forests. These ions are present in lower numbers indoors but this sleep solution brings tehm into the picture. 4. grid of magnets that replicate the Earth’s magnetic flow, producing a cocoon of magnetism that envelops you. This helps restore the natural balance between the sleeper and the physical world. I got this sytem in a bag. Contact me.
The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers?Hi everyone. I had read the 'No Cry Sleep solution' ages ago, but a few months ago my son (who is now 1, this is my first time in the Toddler section :-), stopped sleeping aids through. I attributed it to teething and his room getting cold so I kind of let it slide. I was also in my first trimester with this baby and was so exhausted that it was just easier to give him a bottle and rock him back to sleep. ;-/ Now though he is back to waking repeated ly and I am at my wit's end!! My husband has suddenly decided that we should just 'ignore him' and leave him to cio. Not an option. He has never believed in cio either, so I dont know where this is coming from. He is NOT hungry at night (I have tried a bottle, he doesnt want it), he is not thirsty (I've tried water), he is just waking out of habit. he was getting some teeth again, which I understand, but this is just general crankiness. Has anyone read and used the Toddler/Preschooler version? Did it work well for you? As I said CIO is NOT an option, but this mommy needs some sleep!!! Any other suggestions? Many thanks to you all!! ag... there are other options besides cio. fine if it is what your family does, I DON'T believe in it! I was pretty clear on that. I am asking about the book. thanks. I have tried Advil before bed, no luck! ;-( I just dont think it is 100% the teeth although that was my first thought!!