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Best Rakeback Deal - What Does It Means To Online Poker Player?

"Manual Phifer" (2020-07-22)

Why is rakeback so important for an online poker player

Long-time online poker players are generally well informed on the benefits of online poker rakeback, and the vast majority of these players are already playing with the best rakeback deal.
However, many new and casual online poker players may be missing out on the added profits of a rakeback deal.

What Is the Rake?

The rake is small percentage of each pot that an online poker site takes as a "fee" for spreading the poker game. Since poker players compete against one another and not the house, this "fee" is how the online poker rooms make their profits.

Every hand that reaches a certain monetary threshold qualifies to be raked: The vast majority of cash games will incur a 5% rake, usually up to a maximum of $3. For online poker tournaments you will be assessed a fee, typically 10% of the buy-in amount.

What Is Rakeback?

Rakeback is a percentage of your rake that is given back to you -hence the term rake-back-by a poker affiliate when you sign-up at an online poker site through them: Think of it as a rakeback bonus.

Poker affiliates are people, or websites, that drive online poker players to specific poker sites, and for doing so the online poker rooms offer the poker affiliate a percentage of that player's rake, which they in turn offer back to the player as rakeback -usually from 27%-40%.

Rakeback is a win for everyone involved: The online poker site gains more players, the affiliate receives a small percentage of tall of heir players' rakeback, and the individual player receives a good rakeback deal.

How Much Can I make Through Rakeback?

A lot of players are probably thinking, "Big deal, it's only a small percentage of a small percentage." But like everything else in poker those small percentages add up really quickly!

For instance: Suppose you sign up at Full Tilt Poker through a poker affiliate who offers you 27% rake-back, and a player of equal skill joins through the Full Tilt Poker website.

You both play 500 hands of online poker every day, and the average pot is raked $2 by Full Tilt. So, if you are playing in a 10-handed game you are contributing $.20 a hand to the rake, many people feel that receiving 27% of this is chump change right? Well after 30 days that chump change turns out to be $3,000 you have personally paid in rake!
After 30 days -with your 27% rakeback-you'll have earned an extra $810 in rakeback bonus!

Obviously signing up for an online poker site without checking to see if they offer rake back is a monumental mistake, and will cost even casual poker players hundreds of dollars.

Where Can I Find A Good Poker Affiliate Who Offers Rakeback?

Poker affiliates must adhere to the online poker site's terms and conditions, which stipulate how much they can offer players in rakeback; so if you come across an affiliate offering more than their competitors they are probably not legitimate and it's probably a scam.

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