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How to Read Your Opponent at an Online Poker Table

"Cameron Stroud" (2020-07-25)

'I really want to get into poker but I don't know how to play. Where to start?'

As you cannot see your opponent, you cannot find 'clues' and hints about his hand strength and future moves through observing his body language. In this situation, your understanding of players' psychology helps you identify his weaknesses and develop a strategy.

When you play online, you can create notes about your opponent's gameplay such as which type of hands he prefers to play from a certain position and with which hands he plays aggressively. All major sites allow players to create and save notes while playing at the table. Along with the knowledge of the basic concepts of the game such as Poker sequence, betting actions, table image, table position, etc, it is also important to learn how to pick out important information about the opponent by tracking his actions. Whenever you face the same opponent again, you can refer to your notes and easily recall how you played against him the last time and develop an informed strategy to outwit him. For example - if your opponent enters the pot only with strong starting hands, you can write it down to remind yourself to fold the hand if you are dealt with poor cards when you play next time against him. If an opponent catches your bluff, you can make a note of it to prevent yourself from trying to pull another bluff against him after a few hands.

Some players use the same type of strategies from every position. They rarely change their style of play, regardless of the strength of their in-hand cards or the type of opponent (aggressive/passive/tight/loose) they are playing against. Once you figure out how they play, you can use this knowledge to create the perfect game plan to beat them.

It is also important to notice changes in the opponent's behavior to read his intentions. For example - if someone who does not use chatbox often suddenly starts talking a lot with other participants, it is highly likely that he is holding a premium hand. He might be trying to get information about the strength of other players before making a big raise. If the opponent follows the same strategy every time he gets a good hand, keeping a note about his tendency helps you determine when he is bluffing and when he is actually holding a strong hand.

It is highly recommended to keep a record of the hands you played to identify your own weaknesses. Reviewing your game regularly helps you ensure not boosting the bankroll of your opponent by making the same mistakes again.

There is a high possibility that your opponent creates notes about your gameplay the same way. To stay 'unreadable' at the tables, you need to mix up your play and avoid following some type of betting pattern in every hand.

Playing online is the best way to enjoy your favorite games while sitting comfortably at your home or office. Along with cash prizes, you can also avail Poker bonus offers, loyalty benefits, and much more.

Play wisely. Earn big.

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