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Mi Robot, you carpet: Xiaomi's new $255 vacuum sucks for less

"Dennis Laney" (2020-07-25)

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From water filters to drones to , Xiaomi isn't shy about plunging its fingers in every pie. Its new Mi Robot Vacuum is the latest example of how the maker plans to take over homes and make them smarter -- for less than its competitors.

Looking very much like a , the round robot vacuum boasts 12 sensors. Its laser distance sensor scans its surroundings 1,800 times per second, then maps out your home to clean it efficiently.Key specs 12 sensors, including ultrasonic radar, cliff sensor, gyroscope and accelerometerThree processors for real-time mapping and positioningMain brush with for uneven surfaces5,200 mAh batteryMade by Xiaomi's ecosystem partner Rockrobo, it features a Nidec brushless DC motor and claims to be ultra quiet. Its 5,200 mAh battery promises 2.5 hours of cleaning. It goes on sale on September 6 in China for 1,699 yuan, which is approximately $255, £195 and AU$340. By comparison, CNET's pick for best affordable robot vacuum, the , costs around $420 or £300.

Like its other ecosystem products, don't expect Xiaomi to officially launch this around the world, though some products, such as its Mi Air Purifier, have been sold in countries like Singapore. Watch the video below of the Mi Robot Vacuum to see it in action, as it goes head to head with another similar robot vacuum in cleaning up cereal.