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Top High Markup Business

"Shawnee Roughley" (2020-07-27)

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about some business in which the company concerned charges very high markup.

The business idea that I am going to tell you today is so laughable that I would not believe that even in these businesses any company or entity can extract such a high markup.

See friends, in this article I will talk about both the businessman and the customer, this news or article I have written for the foreboding of both.

If you have come as a subscriber in this High Markup Business article, then this news can prove to be very good for you, and can save you from most High Markup.

If you have come for the purpose of taking the idea of doing business in this High Markup article, then these powerful ideas can cloud your life - so what is the matter about those high markup business -

* Bottle Water or RO Water Plant -

There are many places in this time where people face a lot of trouble for drinking pure water - that is to say that drinking liquid is a big problem in big metropolitan cities as well as tap in some public places.

There is a demand for a huge amount of water or packed RO water, in such places, setting up a water bottling or water packing plant can prove to be a successful industry.

This business is very high markup or very high cost Margin.

How to Start RO Plant: -

You can also start this business with low investment in the initial days, you can plant its plant for Rs 1.5-2 lakh.
There is not much manpower required in this business, you can keep labor according to the capacity of your plant.

In the plant, you can hire a professional or experienced person for water testing, because to capture the market you have to maintain the water quality.

Try to establish the same water plant where the natural water source will be available for the next few years because water filtering costs a lot of water - an idea and I have a lot of water plants that have a lot of water flowing during the filiation Let's give.

It is very wrong that somewhere we ruin the gift of nature.

For all these, you can follow a very simple step, you can supply waste water to the public for daily use, that means you will get an opportunity to sell waste water too.

By adopting this easy step, you will get rid of the problem of water waste, and also there will be an opportunity to generate additional income.

How Much Area to be Required: -

In the initial days, you can install this small water plant in 15 * 20 feet or larger area according to your requirement. If you want to use water for bottling or packet packing, website then you may need a slightly larger area.

After you earn a little, you can install automatic water bottling machine, along with your labor expenses, the time will also be less.

How to Arrange Fund: -

As I already told you that in the initial days, you should not invest too much in this business and invest 1.5-2 lakhs.

If you have capital then it is okay otherwise you can apply for a loan for this business in the bank - In today's time, you can take a Mudra Loan to start this small business.

You easily get 1.5-2 lakh rupees in a Mudra loan and the interest rate is not too high.
Avoid any type of private loan, as I tell you, I am also a Financial Advisor! That is why I am suggesting you for Government Mudra Loan or Business Loan.

How to Reach Consumer: -

Now I will tell you some easy steps that you can easily take those methods to your consumer in this business of your own, and capture a good market enough - so let's see each point.

You can adjust your water bottle by talking to the manager or owner of the hotel or restaurant.

You can supply door to door supply of large size water bottle, if there is more Comptetion then you can make Customer Reach for a little price or increase your service quality.

You can increase the size of your marka water by giving a little more margin to the road side water sellers.

You can supply the water bottle or water packet to the railway vendors because the railway station is consumed in large quantities, you will get margin but the sale will increase, this is my claim!

So these were some simple tricks of water supply, if you have a great idea, then you can also follow it.

Myself Shivam Dubey and a Certified Finance planner i also a business trainer in this article i give a very powerful business trick