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these soccer jerseys were great for my two high school teams

"Minnie Giron" (2020-07-27)

12 blue and 12 yellow for italia jacket are flag football league last fall, and they have been great. The soccer jerseys have held up through all the elements, the pushing and pulling of our football league, full contact blocking is allowed. We have yet to rip one and the soccer jerseys fit all sizes, we range from 2xl to medium and they all fit great. We also use these same soccer jerseys for basketball and again, have held up great. I would highly recommend these to anybody who is into sports and is looking for a way to tell each other apart.
This item is of good quality, and for our group, a great fit. We have a group of adult soccer players that we purchased these for, and were concerned that sizing may be an issue for some of the players since soccer jerseys (even adult size) often run small. However, these are actually very well suited to be advertised as adult one-size soccer jerseys. They will certainly be adequate for all regular adult sizes S-XL. We also have a couple of XXL guys who seem to be just fine in them as well. The quality of the product seems to be without any issues of note. We've worn them for about 6 games worth so far, and no issues with construction to this point
This is exactly what I was looking for: soft, light-weight, move-able, breathable material that fits high-school boys playing soccer match. These are great quality. I a high school coach and these adult size fit well on the kids. good fit for 10/12 years old girls’ soccer team. Durability and great colors that don’t fade after several washes. Any one bigger than myself will fit too tight. They fit everyone, of all shapes and sizes, comfortably. I like the bright color because it helps me find my team on the field but be warned that they are very bright! Have held up the first season very well after 8 months of weekly washing! Great price and quality!!