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Great quality, very bright

"Florian Major" (2020-07-27)

Hamer Tribe Woman With A Manchester United  Football Shirt, Turmi, Omo Valley, EthiopiaI have been searching the web for reasonably priced soccer jerseys that are well-made and don't have elastic at the waist. We use them in my regular pickup soccer game, and everyone is very pleased with them, can't believe they were so inexpensive to buy.
Just got them today. We've been playing soccer at the office for a year now, and needed to get some soccer jerseys that would be durable and comfortable to play in. These fit the bill, well at least so far, very happy with them. I was concerned on the size, as some of the guys are a bit huskier, and was concerned that it may not fit them. It fit them very well. The adult size is (Large), and are actually much larger than I imagined, but still fit well. Excellent buy!
hey fit everyone, of all shapes and sizes, italy football comfortably. I like the bright color because it helps me find my team on the field but be warned that they are very bright! Have held up the first season very well after 8 months of weekly washing! Great product, great price!
Perfect for my soccer team. Good value for the cost of these training vests and the color is useful to separate those in regular shirts and those in the vests.These vests were well made. I've had some other ones that were pretty cheap, but they wore out in less than a season. These vests have proven more durable, and the material washes easy. The lining on the collar and sleeves make them more comfortable to wear than others out there. The shipping was fast and communication from the company was great. When we need more vests, we'll head back here.
Package arrived very fast and Item is exactly what I expected it to be. Each jersey was individually wrapped inside of a big bag but then they stuffed that big bag into a USPS envelope and just taped it to death to make it stay in.
Love these soccer jerseys. We use them every practice and the lime green doesn't match many of the jerseys the league uses so, my goalies like using them in the games.