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Why You Should Consider Implementing An Employee Recognition Programe

por Sanford Didomenico (2020-07-28)

With the current state of the economy, and unemployment figures stubbornly refusing to budge, many companies see little need to put a great deal of effort into making sure that employees are happy and satisfied in their jobs. After all, the thinking goes, employees have few options these days when it comes to finding new jobs, so they're unlikely to leave whether or not they love their jobs.

And so, is there any point to implementing anything like an employee recognition program? There certainly is, if your company feels that employee retention, morale, and job performance are important. High employee turnover disrupts the everyday workflow and process and can have an impact on client satisfaction, and so even companies that are less concerned with retention can recognize the benefits to having a stable workforce. And as far as recognition, studies have shown that the use of rewards in the workplace is the single highest predictor of organizational results, with employee recognition being touted as one of the 12 key dimensions of a great and 19 웹툰 형수 dynamic workplace.

If you as a company recognize the good things that your employees do, you'll find yourself worrying less about the negative things they do - because there'll be fewer of them to worry about. In sum, you'll get more of the behavior you reward, in this case, desirable behavior that leads to improved performance. What kinds of things should you be rewarding? You should celebrate the wins... The company hitting a new revenue goal, due to the hard work of its employees. An employee or department achieving new levels of productivity. Improved quality. Increased client or customer satisfaction.

High performers should also be singled out for recognition, as you also spotlight role model employees within the company, making it clear why these particular people are being singled out. After all, the goal is to incentivize others to behave this way as well, and they can only do so if they know what kind of specific behaviors and actions they're seeking to emulate.So how can you get started on an employee recognition program? First, get the backing of senior management - their full support is essential to making this work as it should. Then put together your planning team, so that you can work out the details, such as:

The purpose and goals of the program
What should be recognized
How much money is available for the program (save money in other areas of the company to be able to put more backing into the employee rewards program)
How potential recipients prefer to be recognized
How the actual recognition will work within the company
How to garner feedback on the program once it's implemented
What metrics will be used to measure the success of the program

These are only suggested details - you may find others essential to your particular company. Once the program is put into place, it can be tweaked as needed; it's better to forge ahead and put the program into place rather than waiting endlessly to try to get it "right" out of the starting gate. Your employees will thank you!Have you started an employee recognition program? Come and tell us on our Facebook page how you did it and what advice you have for other Human Resource professionals looking to do the same!

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