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Relatives seek answers from funeral home where bodies were kept in van

"Shawn McGeehan" (2020-07-28)

Grieving relatives arrived at a Brooklyn funeral home looking for answers Thursday, a day after police discovered up to 100 decomposing bodies stacked in unrefrigerated trucks outside. 

Tamisha Covington said she was charged $15,000 for her mother's body to be kept 'in a U-Haul truck for however long' following her death from a heart attack related to COVID 19, aged 60, on April 9. 

Breaking down in tears she said she got 'no responses, no answers' from Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home in Flatlands following the grim discovery by officers on Wednesday. She told : 'This is too much on humanity. I'm really hurt. I don't even know what I'm looking for other than the fact that I expect to lay my mother down properly with respect and at a reasonable time.'

Authorities found two unrefrigerated U-Haul box trucks being used to store the bodies after police responded to 911 complaints from neighbors who had filmed body bags being dragged into the trucks. Police found the bodies in various stages of decomposition; locals said 'you could smell the death'. Bosses at U-Haul on Thursday slammed the use of their trucks as 'wrongful, egregious and inhumane'. They told