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Searching For The Golf Courses in Perth Surrounding Heathlands?

"Susanna Picton" (2020-07-30)

Golf is an incredibly challenging game! You should choose the one, which suits both your golfing level and budget. So, choose the right place for your golf courses from stunning parkland courses, and quality golf clubs bearing the symbol of Australia. The good news is The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club boasts the finest golf courses in Perth, WA, which have been continually rated as one of Australia's best golf resorts.

The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club

The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club is inextricably linked with heathland golf, which is surrounded by native bush with abundant wildlife, lush manicured gardens and the magnificent Swan Valley wine region.

It is a perfect place to begin your golf in Perth and it will be the best logistical challenge when planning the trip with your friends. In fact, mini golf in Perth well worth the trip and the welcome is warm and the course is lovely.

There are plenty of reasons to keep you entertained on the way round. The great bunkering with gorgeous sand to hit out from and challenging greens with everything from punchbowls to false fronts will take on. The course winds its ways through the trees and 팔팔정 we barely saw another soul all the way round - it became an almost spiritual experience.

Golf Resort Is the Tougher Challenge

The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club's golf resort is a tougher challenge. Although the course is tough, it is playable from the tee as long as you choose an appropriate set for your ability. There is the plenty of heather to gobble up errant shots, it doesn't come into play on every fairway and sometimes is a good distance back from the fairway line. The heather eyebrows on the bunkers and the cross-bunkering on several holes were real highlights.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to minimize travel then swan valley will be a good place to base yourself. Swan valley is full of surprises, ranging from the abundance of wineries and vineyards to explore to walking trails like no other, historic buildings and some of the finest foods in the state. If you are looking for a little more nightlife, then swan valley is the better bet, but you have to do a little more travelling to the courses. So make a call to The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club and make the most of it, stay and play at the Resort!

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