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Fitted and Sliding Wardrobes To Change Your Bedroom

"Shawn Post" (2020-07-31)

When we moved house recently, one thing I really hadn't given much thought to was wardrobes. Our former house, had fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are fantastic as they save space in a room, now and then though they can be installed in the wrong position.

As I needed brand new wardrobes for our new house, I wanted to spend a lot of time shopping around. My purpose was to buy good quality, free-standing wardrobes, which would last us for years and go with us if and when we moved again. I already had the rest of the bedroom furniture so needed to find matching furniture.

Fortunately for us the master bedroom had a wide alcove which would easily accommodate a double wardrobe, so I didn't have to worry too much about size, but I was a little doubtful whether one wardrobe would be enough for us. Putting two wardrobes in the bedroom would be a tight fit and would likely make the room claustrophic.

It seemed that a normal double size wardrobe would not be enough to accomodate both our needs. my clothes took up a lot of space and even though my husband said I could use his side, this still would not be enough. It turned out to be my lucky day though. I saw a triple wardrobe that would squeeze into the alcone accurately. It had two generous double-fronted wardrobes on either side with a single in the middle which had been given over to shelving and drawers.

It was only the finish of the wardrobe that was left to decide. If I placed mirrored doors on the outside then this would lend weight to the sense of space. Nonetheless, in the end we decided in favour of a light beech finish which looked much more elegant. I just placed a mirrored door in the middle.

The children's rooms were less of a problem as a single wardrobe doors - sliding for each would easily fit all their clothes. However, because their rooms were fairly small, I thought purchasing small double wardrobes, with drawers and shelves included, would eliminate the need for other furniture in the room. The drawers and shelves could be used to store their toys. The wardrobes are very well constructed and the finishings are great. What's more, they suit our needs perfectly and will last us for various years to come.

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