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Pest Control for Commercial Buildings : A Growing Demand

"Felix Wrigley" (2020-07-31)

Unwanted pests and insects can be a cause of be concerned for businesses that have warehouses with regard to storage of food stuffs. They could simply eat into the profits of the company. Pests also lead to health problems. Companies employing large manpower can have serious troubles on failing to fulfill their obligation towards health and safety regulations. This is especially true for companies engaged in the particular storage or production of food items.

is?RyEF0x5YlnEziNdZv5i7Qkew8_-AY1Q5qr9hjThe malady is not restricted to just flies, wasps and ants. Larger animals like rats pose larger problems. Another issue is that most of these pests appear only at night, which makes it all the more difficult to control and remove them.


Left on their own, unwanted pests can wreck homes or buildings. The National Pest Management Organization (NPMA) reveals that the annual damage at national level is above $5 billion. Rodents alone have the effect of contaminating or consuming twenty percent of global food production. In addition , they cause fires in homes and commercial premises by chewing cables and spilling flammable components. As pests are carriers associated with hazardous organisms, they can transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus, plague, Lyme disease, malaria and many more. Insect stings can again pose health risks. Every year, over 50, 000 are hospitalized due insect stings.

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A study conducted in 2011 disclosed that the industry had 21, 562 companies, with a workforce exceeds over 150, 000. The expected income of this industry for 2012 was $11. 4 billion, going up by over five percent.


The evaluation of experts tells us that, up to now, the menace of bed bugs had been generally restricted to hotels and homes to some extent, but now they were beginning to appear at unexpected places, such as offices, cinemas and clothing stores. This sensation has lead to an enhanced need of pest control companies.
Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of hiring confer with professionally managed pest control companies, compared to using usual household products, available at affordable prices from garden stores. They now understand that it is important to supply safety not only to their employees, but additionally to their clients.