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Nontoxic Pest Control for Your Home and Garden

"Traci Weaver" (2020-07-31)

Insect poison are toxic and, while usually effective against pests, can be dangerous for your family and pets. Outdoors, dispersed pesticides might drift on a wind and dust your vegetable backyard or your neighbor's yard. Inside, pesticides can linger in the air, exposing the family to harmful chemicals. Therefore, many people are turning to nontoxic pest control methods.

Gas Chamber Stock Photos \u0026 Gas Chamber Stock Images - AlamyPrevention is the best way to control pests, but there are times when even the most thorough preventative measures will not save you from intruders, so this content discusses both preventative pest control methods and nontoxic pest manage products.

Preventative Pest Control Strategies


As they say, cleanliness is alongside godliness. And it keeps pests away, too. Keeping your home clean is among the most effective pest control method. Nearby leave food or dirty dishes lying around the house, animals and pests won't be attracted to the smell. Attract and vacuum regularly. Remember, simply because you can't see crumbs doesn't imply they don't exist. Clean inside storerooms and cabinets, under and round the stove and refrigerator at least once per year.

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This may seem obvious, but screens on doors and windows are a simple and relatively cheap way to keep insects out of the house. Also, screens on crawlspaces keep rodents from obtaining easy access routes into the house.


Simply by caulking cracks in your house, you can reduce places for insects to hide plus nest. Target bathrooms and the kitchen, especially doors and windows.

Nontoxic Pest Control Products


There are many kinds of barriers available that target many types of pests. Some examples are sticky barriers for cockroaches, glueboards for rodents, flypaper, bug zappers, and barriers specifically for rats, gophers, or skin moles. You can usually pick up traps at your local Home and Garden store.


Pheromones, essentially insect scent hormones, may be used in traps as bait. Simply by emitting the scent of the feminine insect, pheromones can be used to lure males into a trap, where they are captured in a sticky glue. Insects are only attracted by pheromones emitted by way of a own kind, so you need to know precisely what kind of insects you're trying to get rid of and plan accordingly.