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Buying Free Spins

"Seth Heil" (2020-08-01)

Feature Drop, Buy Pass and Bonus Bet are the functions that give the player the possibility to buy a bonus. To add this type of function has become more and more common lately. This function has long existed, mostly in Megaways games and the game that was first with introducing, and offer, the Feature Drop was the slot-machine White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming. Other providers have after that also decided to follow their initiative and created, among other things, Bonus Bet and ซื้อฟรีสปิน Buy Pass. These functions work relatively simple and all you have to do is buy the bonus for usually 100 times the bet to be taken directly to the bonus games, without having to waste time on doing spins in the base game.
What is a bonus? How does it work?
A slot bonus is a special function in slot-machines that can show up in many different versions. Some of them are extremely creative and others very simple. A slot bonus is not the same as a casino bonus since this is something you win in the game and not something that the casino offers with terms and wagering requirements. The goal of slot bonuses is to give the player a more exciting playing experience with functions that often can pay out thousands of times your original bet. Some slot-machines also give you the chance to win a jackpot in the bonus, which can pay out insane amounts of money. To trigger a bonus function, you usually need to hit three Scatters but during the same spin, but the amount you have to hit varies. Some bonuses can also have a random trigger, which means that it can be triggered any time in the base game.

To buy the bonus, new hot trend
As we mentioned earlier is the "Feature Drop" concept an increasing trend. We see more and more new games that have this function implemented. Examples are the relatively new games Valletta Megaways and Vikings Unleashed. The prices of the bonus vary between different games, but it is usually something around 100 times your bet. So, if your bet is 0.5 € per spin, you can buy the bonus for 50 €. There are also of course exceptions like the game Hot Chilli where it only costs 50 times your bet. But there you also have a worse base bonus and therefore must bet more to increase the potential for bigger winnings.

Advantages of buying the bonus
By buying the bonus you don’t have to spin the slot over and over until you get that lovely bonus. This is awful when the base game is relatively boring. Usually, the volatility and the potential will then instead be focused on the bonus function, so the spins in the base game feel like wasted time and money. It’s not even uncommon that players do hundreds of spins without being able to trigger the bonus. Buying the bonus circumvents all of this so that you can jump into the bonus right away where the potential and the winnings are. Buying the bonus is also perfect for those who haven’t got a lot of time but still wants a few incredibly exciting spins.