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LIFESTYLE: Have a very crafty Christmas 

"Danae Roper" (2020-08-01)

Mix your shop-bought baubles with some clever homemade creations.
Here's how…

3D wooden tree, £2, painted in craft paint, £2; frosted trees, from £1 each; small card cone, £5 for 25 sheets, large papier-mâché cone, £2, and Christmas tree, £3, all painted in craft paint, £2, with gold gilding wax, £12.25; tree advent calendar, £15, all On the tree: fillable baubles, from £2.50 for four, filled with artificial snow, £2 for 100g; scenery bauble fillings from £1.50 for four; polka dot fan decoration, £8 for three; white and gold fan, £10 for five; stars bauble, £2.50; wooden snowflakes, £2 each; gift wrap, from £3.30 for a 1.5m roll, all